Viggle Tips

Watch videos on Viggle TV and earn up to 5 perk points per video.

Viggler’s Choice Quest

Play Viggler’s Choice Quest for up to +10,000 Points!


Viggle is celebrating all our Vigglers’ favorite shows. Join us for our Viggler’s Choice Quest, as we highlight your favorite shows of the fall season. From November 11th – December 15th, Viggle will feature a new show each day based on Vigglers’ love of TV. Check into one or more quest show each week and earn up to +10,000 Viggle Points. The more you check in the more Viggle Points you earn.  Check the “What’s On” section from November 11 – December 15, and check in when you see the Viggler’s Choice Quest badge to be entered into the quest.

Week 1: November 11 – November 17
Monday: The Voice (NBC)
Tuesday: NCIS (CBS)
Wednesday: Nashville (ABC)
Thursday: The X Factor (FOX)
Friday: Shark Tank (ABC)
Saturday: SNL (NBC)
Sunday: The Walking Dead (AMC)

Week 2: November 18 – November 24
Monday: Dancing with the Stars (ABC)
Tuesday: The Mindy Project (FOX)
Wednesday: Modern Family (ABC)
Thursday: The Big Bang Theory (FOX)
Friday: Blue Bloods (CBS)
Saturday: SNL (NBC)
Sunday: Amazing Race (CBS)

Week 3: November 25 – December 1
Monday: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Tuesday: Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
Wednesday: The X Factor (FOX)
Thursday: Lady Gaga & the Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular (ABC)
Friday: Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (ABC)
Saturday: The Nightmare Before Christmas (MTV)
Sunday: The Mentalist (CBS)

Week 4: December 2 – December 8
Monday: A Charlie Brown Christmas (ABC)
Tuesday: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (ABC Family)
Wednesday: Christmas in Rockefeller Center (NBC)
Thursday: Scandal (ABC)
Friday: Frosty the Snowman (CBS)
Saturday: Saturday Night Live (NBC)
Sunday: Holiday Impossible (Food Network)
Week 5: December 9 – December 15
Monday: The Voice (NBC)
Tuesday: The Biggest Loser (NBC)
Wednesday: Survivor (CBS)
Thursday: Elementary (CBS)
Friday: Undercover Boss (CBS)
Saturday: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (CBS)
Sunday: Revenge (ABC
The more you check in the more you earn. Check in to at least:
5+ Quest shows a week and you can earn 10,000 Viggle Points
3 Quest shows a week and you can earn 2,000 Viggle Points
2 Quest shows a week and you can earn 1,000 Viggle Points
1 Quest show a week and you can earn 500 Viggle Points
*Weekly periods consist of the following: 11/11-11/17, 11/18-11/24, 11/25-12/1, 12/2-12/8, 12/9-12/15. You must check into the live airing of the featured Vigglers Choice shows indicated by the badge in the ‘What’s On’ section of the app between 11/11-12/15. Bonus points will be awarded by 12/30.

Q: Do I have to play Viggle LIVE to qualify for the Viggler’s Choice Quest? 
A: No, Viggle LIVE is not mandatory for the Quest, but you should play anyway because it’s another great way to earn points and it’s and our editors will make you laugh.
Q: Silly Viggle! You said Quests count towards our daily limit. 10,000 points sounds awesome, but that math doesn’t add up.
A: Great point! You’re in luck. The Viggler’s Choice Quest will be an exception to this rule and points will be processed a bit differently this time. Go get that 10K, Vigglers!


  1. Is 10,000 points a week?

    1. No. It's the total bonus for whole contest. Not every week.

  2. if you miss out on one week of the vigglers choice, do you still earn points if you check into the 5 shows a week for the rest of the contest?

  3. I could not log in for 3 days last week. I had been checking into 5+ shows a week and now it seems that I am screwed. How are you going to fix this for the millions of people who could not log in?

    Also, where are the Quest badges for this week? They are not listed here, nor are they online for Monday.

    1. Yeah, mine suddenly stopped working after 8:00 Friday night so I wasn't able to check into the Quest show for the night. There wasn't even any warning that there was going to be maintenance or anything.

  4. what is 10,000 bonus show today 12/9