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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I cannot convert my points even after earning >1,000 perk points.

On 1st of this month, some users were allowed to convert more than the monthly limit of 60k Viggle points. To be fair and to remediate the effect, now you must earn the required number of perk points based on the number of Viggle points you converted above the 60k monthly limit, before you can convert more points. 


  1. I still feel that since the users of VIGGLE had no say and were not asked for comments, etc., that when the transfer happened to Perks, that all of the VIGGLE points should have automatically been transferred to perk points - none of this transferring month by month, stretching it out over months and even years. That is ridiculous.

  2. I was able to convert my points it only total to 4,000 Perk points which is truly sad because there is no gift cards for that amount. It will take at least a year to get at least a $5.00 gift card and truly not worth it. I'm about to delete this app I have over 1 million Viggle points which is useless with Perk and will take about 2 years to have enough points for a $50 gift card

  3. Perk apps are very easy to use and easy to get 500-1000 points a day. On March 1 I converted my 60,000 and have legitimately converted another 140,000 points by earning 7,000 perk points. Viggling alone for points won't get you anywhete.