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Monday, February 29, 2016

Viggle Schedule for Monday, February 29, 2016

Viggle Schedule for Monday, 2/29/2016

Check the local time for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" today afternoon. 

Max points Viggle / Perk schedule:

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  1. It's still early but Perks acquisition of Viggle has been one big failure so far at many levels. I am not using Viggle any longer and concentrate on Swagbucks as I make nearly $800 in git cards each year with minimal effort. I just want to convert my 2.5 million points then get out.

    1. Conversion rate immediately ticked ppl off but was to be expected.

    2. Viggle App didn't go through proper beta testing. Still can't do Viggle Live, continue Ellen Co test, etc. Many times the app won't even allow sign ins at all like the bad days of the original Viggle.

    3. Viggle Support responds on Twitter with sarcastic smart ass remarks instead of actually helping anyone. They keep blocking ppl at the rate they are and they won't have anyone to support. (Reminds me of that guy at that other site, Viggle Tips)

    4. Lack of transpatency. Perk never stated how the new points were going to be computed on Viggle and still havent. No point per minute or required to keep the app open....never explained to the users.

    Basically, pure bad business model without even explaining how bad other Perk Apps are.

  2. Hey Jaybird. Was wondering if you could give me a little info on swag bucks. I've had an account for a few years just really never understood how to earn the most points. If you wouldn't mind emailing me I would appreciate it. Was a fellow viggle lover but now I am so disappointed in the conversion of points to perks it's pathetic. Viggle really did their loyal customers wrong. Email if you wouldn't mind, Princessbaby010585 @ yahoo . com (No spaces) Thank you!!