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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Updated Viggle Terms and Conditions

Communication from Viggle:

Viggle and Perk have come together to give you even greater rewards and more ways to earn. The updated version of Viggle will be the same app you know and love, only better! As we combine forces, it is our desire to openly communicate changes in an effort to provide you with optimal service.

Here’s a summary of important changes:

  • Viggle will no longer issue rewards under the Viggle Loyalty Program.Rewards will be issued from the Perk Rewards catalog which includes cash, prizes, and 700+ gift card brands.
  • Points accumulated under the Viggle Loyalty Program will only be redeemable for Perk Points or Perk Plastik. The issuance and redemption/use of Perk Points and Perk Plastik are outlined in Perk’s Terms and Conditions. 
  • Points accumulated under the Viggle Loyalty Program may only be redeemable at the maximum rate of 60,000 points per month (the “Monthly Redemption Rate”). In addition to the Monthly Redemption Rate, you will be entitled to redeem 20,000 points for every 1,000 Perk Points you earn through the Perk Rewards Program, excluding Perk Points earned through the redemption of points under the Viggle Loyalty Program.
  • Unredeemed points accumulated under the Viggle Loyalty Programwill expire with 90 days of inactivity. 
  • No Viggle accounts may be registered following the launch. All current accounts registered in Viggle, and thereafter, are Perk accounts and subject to Perk’s terms and conditions. 

We encourage you to read the updated Viggle Terms and Conditions carefully. By using the Viggle service, you agree to be bound by the Program Terms and Conditions, the Viggle Terms of User and the Viggle Privacy Policy 

Want to learn more? Visit our blog post for help with common Viggle 3.0 questions.


  1. It appears that Viggle 3.0 is not checking us out at every commercial and requiring us to check back in after it during each show. Anyone else experiencing this?

  2. You have to keep the App open otherwise it logs you out.

  3. Wow, mine freezes after every one of their ads and I have to back out and start over. No idea if I'm even earning points right now.

  4. Your not then. Mine froze several times and then I didnt get the points...its terrible