Viggle Tips

Watch videos on Viggle TV and earn up to 5 perk points per video.

Friday, February 26, 2016

TIP: Multiple Check-in bonus shows!!

We can check into a bonus show multiple times and get the bonus each time.

So if there is a 5x show tonight (rewarding 5 times the perk bonus on its ads), you can record and check into it as many times you like tonight and earn 5x on it every time. 


  1. Amit, is there still a cut off at 8am?

  2. Has anyone been able to check into any music since the conversion?

  3. it stopped working after 24hrs for me

  4. How do you know when you can convert more points?

  5. You can convert 20,000 Viggle points for every 1,000 Perk points you earn. Ive just been keeping track myself & converting points everytime my total goes up 1,000. You can go to the exchange points section & check to see if you have earned enough to convert.