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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - VL answers

All three "Transformers" movies were directed by...Michael Bay

A fourth "Transformers" movie is scheduled for release in...2014

During filming, Shia LaBeouf was in a car accident, severely injuring his...Hand

The part of Leo Spitz was originally offered to...Jonah Hill

The alliance between humans and Autobots is called...NEST

Autobots are originally from...Cybertron

Megan Fox was replaced by __ in the third "Transformers" movie...Rose Huntington-Whiteley

Which of the "Transformers" movies earned the most money at the box office...Dark of the Moon

The Prime who installed a Sun Harvester on Earth was called...The Fallen

Back in the day, Shia LaBeouf appeared on the Disney Channel series...Even Stevens

Josh Duhamel, who plays William Lennox, played the title role opposite Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth in...Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

In addition to the "Transformers" series, Shia LaBeouf had a major role in which movie franchise...Indiana Jones

The mystical object required to start the Sun Harvester is called...The Matrix of Leadership


"Revenge of the Fallen" takes place __ years after the events of the first "Transformers" movie...2

Who lead the human half of the Autobot/Human alliance...William Lennox

Which Decepticon steals the Allspark from NEST's base...Ravage

Which of the following "Revenge of the Fallen" actors also appears in "The Fast and the Furious" series...Tyrese Gibson


Sam Witwicky is dating a girl named...Mikaela

Tyrese Gibson, who plays Epps, has been nominated for 3...Grammy Awards

Sam's college roommate is named...Leo Spitz

Megan Fox is married to __ in real life...Brian Austin Green

Sam is nearly seduced by a fellow college student named...Alice

Sam Witwicky hallucinates __ symbols...Cybertronian

Isabel Lucas, who plays Alice, also starred in the 2012 movie...Red Dawn

Megan Fox played a comedic role in the 2012 movie...This is 40

From 2004 to 2006, Megan Fox had a major role in the sitcom...Hope & Faith

Megan Fox has a young son named...Noah

Sam Witwicky's father is named...Ron

Which Decepticon attempts to steal an Allspark shard from Mikaela...Wheelie

Seymour Simmons was a former member of a shadowy group called...Sector 7

Which of the following locations is NOT featured in "Revenge of the Fallen?"...Mount Everest


Which of the following actors will NOT appear in the 2014 "Transformers" movie...Kurt Russell

Josh Duhamel starred alongside Julianne Hough in...Safe Haven

Sam's nerdy college professor is played by...Rainn Wilson

According to Seymour Simmons, the most ancient of the Transformers are known as the...Seekers

Which "Revenge of the Fallen" star hosted the 2013 Kids Choice Awards...Josh Duhamel

"Revenge of the Fallen" director Michael Bay was also the man behind the 1998 disaster flick...Armageddon

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