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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I Love Lucy - VL Answers

Lucille Ball was the first woman to run a major _____.TELEVISION STUDIO
Ricky Ricardo is a _____. MUSICIAN
In one memorable episode, Lucy disguised a _____ as a baby. WHEEL OF CHEESE
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Which product did Lucy once promote on the show?VITAMEATAVEGAMIN
Where do the Ricardos live? NEW YORK
Lucy and Ricky had a baby boy named _____. LITTLE RICKY
What is the name of Fred Mertz's wife? ETHEL
Before "I Love Lucy," Lucille Ball worked on a _____.RADIO SITCOM
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What does Lucy smash in "Lucy's Italian Movie?"GRAPES
In "Lucy's Italian Movie," Lucy's feet are compared to what? BIG PIZZAS
In "Lucy's Italian Movie," Lucy preps for which film?BITTER GRAPES
Who replaces Lucy in "Lucy's Italian Movie?" ETHEL
In the "Christmas Special," Lucy avoids a lopsided _____. MANTLE
Who is sent out to buy a tree in the "I Love Lucy Christmas Special?" FRED
How many Santas visit the Ricardos in the "Christmas Special?" 5
In the "Christmas Special," the gang reminisces about Little Ricky's _____. BIRTH

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