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Monday, December 14, 2015

Great News - acquired Viggle App

Email from Viggle:

Today, we are excited to announce that, the #1 Mobile Rewards Platform, has signed an agreement to acquire the Viggle app. Viggle will continue to operate and you can keep using the app just like you do today.

The transaction is set to be complete within 30-60 days.

What does that mean to you and why is this a good thing?

1. Viggle will plan on adding the Perk rewards catalog which is consistently stocked with hundreds of gift cards and prizes. Perk is in a position to make sure Viggle members will always have their favorite rewards available for redemption. 

2. Perk operates over 15 leading mobile apps including Apptrailers, that rewards users for watching videos, playing games, shopping, and more. By joining the Perk network of apps, Viggle members will have more ways to earn points.

We hope that all Viggle members are as excited as we are. 2016 is set to be the best year ever for you as a member, so stay tuned in and keep on Viggling.

Viggle while you Perk!


-The Viggle Team


  1. Why is this great? I liked getting points from wetpaint videos and buying MGO digital movies with points. Sounds like that will be over. I sharred this on Viggle's Facebook comments and they disabled me posting

  2. Lol, u liked Wetpaint? The app was down for months and only had a few videos to earn points. You can buy the music and movies in better formats cheaper from other sites.

    I have switched my allegiance over to this site since the other one can't refrain from being a bunch of arrogant rude webmasters.

    1. I used to like Wetpaint when I could watch a bunch of videos in a short time and get like 10,000 a day from it and 2 from checking into songs, I got a lot of movies with Ultraviolet that way. It sucks now.

  3. Viggle is a horribly run company. They are a small, growing start-up with a decent technology and they were wasting millions of dollars on corporate overhead for SEC filings and compliance, a board of directors and a bloated management. I look forward to cashing out the stash of points I've been sitting on when the Perks transaction closes and never looking back.