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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gift Cards / RewardsPay Update!!

Communication from Viggle!!

I don’t have an update, or date, on the implementation of RewardsPay.  

Products and gift cards will post upon availability. The tabs were removed because many users thought something was wrong with their app because the page was blank.  The tabs will return when something is available in that section. 

- Viggle Boy!!


  1. I hope it is real! Otherwise, bailing on this app

  2. I stopped working the app a long while ago when they dropped the VL points to 50, then they shutdown wetpaint, then they removed products. Clearly they are trying to work a new paradigm where they still get ad revenue without paying out so many rewards, I just wish they would be upfront about it like raising the point cost of rewards instead of dangling carrots. Mendacity is a poor customer growth tool.

  3. I have very little hope considering that they absolutely ignore any and all users asking these questions on their Facebook page.

  4. The rewards tab was completely blank when I checked yesterday. Today the tabs are back with gift card but gift card tab is blank. This is so frustrating. What am I going to do with over a million points? ???