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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wetpaint / Products??

Hi Viggle,

It has been a long time for WetPaint to be down and all my followers are getting impatient about Viggle. I have a few questions for you:

  1. What is the expected return time frame for Wetpaint? 
  2. What changes are expected on WetPaint when it returns?
  3. When will the products and gift cards return?
  4. Which old products will be back and will any new products be listed?
  5. Will iPad's come back on the catalog?  
- Viggle Boy

Response from Viggle:


I am sorry but I cannot answer any of these questions at this time."

So we are on the same page with no updates from Viggle!! :-(


  1. My guess is you'll see some gift cards and product rewards return after Sept. 30.

    1. What makes you say that?

      Viggle had a pretty good earnings call this past Monday. They mentioned a big rise in the number of users, as well as a decrease in operating loss from a year ago - though they are still running in the red and trying to control expenses.

      The CFO mentioned 'irregularities' with Wetpaint points, and someone asked what their plans were for Wetpaint, but the CFO said there was no update. No one asked about product rewards disappearing or user dissatisfaction, or even Viggle's massive debt repayment plan during the Q&A session. There was a lot of discussion about the Draft Day acquisition.

      Despite the positive spin on its earnings, Viggle's stock has not gone up, and is actually trading lower than it was before Monday's call. That's not a very good sign for the Rewards catalog coming back anytime soon.

      Viggle's most recent press release no longer mentions physical rewards: 'Viggle points can be redeemed for a wide range of rewards including music, TV shows, movies, eBooks and audiobooks'.

    2. That is not a great sign for us 😢

    3. This increase of users is only because of the actual gifts for redemption. They are just stringing us along. Soon enough there will be a big decrease when people start to notice this. I haven't gone on viggle for 2 weeks now. I will not use it unless I see something more than twizzlers!!!!

  2. My guess is that they pulled the old bait and switch and will not bring back either WetPaint or Products. Total scam!

  3. Oh, and thank you very much for the update! It confirms my suspicions.

  4. Just curious. What suspicions would that be?

  5. Wow, without even notifying us some sort of change so maybe we have a shot at redemption of what's left? This is the worst end to a program. Well let me I need 100 twizzlers t shirts??? Maybe I can send it to a third world country to advertise for them. I should've redeemed the Dyson when I had the chance. I hate to admit that I HAVE lost sleep over this (earning pts).

  6. Wow, I am so mad. I have so many points saved up (enough for a tv) and now there are no longer products or giftcards?? This is garbage and I am no longer going to bother with this stupid app.