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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Viggle Schedule for Saturday, September 19, 2015

Viggle Schedule for Saturday, 9/19/2015

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  1. So there is no Wetpaint, and no prizes other than Twizzlers? :D

    1. Yup the old bait and switch move by Viggle. Totally slimy

  2. Posting here too just in case
    Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1

    What is Bella's surname? Swan.
    The night before getting married, Bella dreamed that The Volturi were at her wedding.
    Bella's parents gave her A Hair Clip on her wedding day.
    At the wedding, Irina was disturbed by the fact that a wolf was invited.
    Edward and Bella passed through Rio on their honeymoon.
    For their honeymoon, Edward took Bella to the island of Isle Esme.
    The name of Jacob's tribe is Quileute.
    Edward's and Bella's daughter's name is a combo of their Mothers' names.
    The Cullens live in Forks.
    Kristen Stewart showed off her swordsmanship in the fairy tale-inspired action adventure Snow White and the Huntsman.

    What does Bella's dad, Charlie do? He is a Cop.
    What does E.J. stand for? Edward Jacob.
    What does Carlisle do? a Doctor.
    Bella lied to her father and told him she was going to a medical center in Switzerland.
    Jacob's typical form of transportation is a Motorcycle.
    Peter Facinelli plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight movies. He also plays a doctor on the show Nurse Jackie.
    Alice is part of the Cullen family.
    Before Robert Pattinson played Edward, he was Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series.
    "Breaking Dawn" is broken up into 2 films.
    Who told Bella to "get over her aversion to fashion?" Alice.

    Elizabeth Reaser played a Jane Doe patient with a memory loss on the medical series Grey's Anatomy.
    Who did Leah used to date? Sam.
    Taylor Lautner once appeared in an ensemble comedy about a holiday called Valentine's Day.
    Who played the role of Alice? Ashley Greene.
    Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart still dating? NO.
    Bill Condon directed "Breaking Dawn Part 1". He also directed the movie musical Dreamgirls.
    Who did Bella call for help when she got to the airport on the way back from her honeymoon? Rosalie.
    Bella and Edward played Chess on their honeymoon.
    Edward was born in 1901.

  3. Skyfall

    "Skyfall" is the ____ James Bond film. 23RD
    When did "Skyfall" first hit theaters? 2012
    Who plays James Bond in the film? DANIEL CRAIG
    James Bond is a ____. SPY
    True or False: This is Daniel Craig's 3rd time portraying James Bond in a film. TRUE
    Daniel Craig is a ____ actor. ENGLISH
    Who has NOT portrayed James Bond in a film? CHANNING TATUM
    Who directed "Skyfall?" SAM MENDES
    Ian Fleming first created the character James Bond in ____. 1952
    ** POLL **
    Who was the 1st actor to portray Bond in a film? SEAN CONNERY
    How many Academy Awards did "Skyfall" receive? 2
    Which artist is behind the film's award winning song "Skyfall?" ADELE
    The film opens in which city? ISTANBUL
    How much money did "Skyfall" gross at the box office? $1.1 BILLION
    Who is the film's villain? RAOUL SILVA
    Javier Bardem received an Oscar for his role in which film? NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN
    Who is presumed dead at the beginning of the film? BOND
    Judi Dench stars as ____, the head of MI6. M
    ** POLL **
    Who makes an appearance at the start of the film? EVE MONEYPENNY
    Eve Moneypenny is a ____. SECRETARY
    James Bond's love interests are typically referred to as what? BOND GIRLS
    Berenice Marlohe is a ____ actress. FRENCH
    What is James Bond's famous code number? 7
    True or False: Judi Dench is a Dame. TRUE
    In the film, Gareth pressures M to ____. RETIRE
    What did Patrice steal? A HARD DRIVE
    True or False: Bond returns to his unit at MI6. TRUE
    ** POLL **
    Who is ordered to kill Patrice? BOND
    Where does intelligence place Bond to execute the assassination? SHANGHAI
    What does Bond find in Patrice's equipment? A GAMBLING CHIP
    In the film, Bond accompanies Severine on her ____. YACHT
    Who is Severine's employer? RAOUL SILVA
    Javier Bardem, aka Silva, is married to which famous actress? PENELOPE CRUZ
    True or False: Raoul once worked for M. TRUE
    MI6's new headquarters is located ____. UNDERGROUND
    Who does Raoul Silva want to kill? M
    How many Oscars did "Skyfall" win at the 2013 Academy Awards? 2
    What is Skyfall? BOND'S FAMILY ESTATE
    True or False: James Bond is a real person. FALSE
    Which Bond star made a guest appearance at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics? DANIEL CRAIG
    Daniel Craig's film debut was in the drama ____. THE POWER OF ONE
    Director Sam Mendes won the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Director in 1999. Which film did he direct? AMERICAN BEAUTY
    True or False: The James Bond film franchise is based on a book series. TRUE