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Friday, September 18, 2015

Viggle Schedule for Friday, September 18, 2015

Viggle Schedule for Friday, 9/18/2015

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  1. coyote ugly answers posted to viggle live answers tab, but need to be approved so that others can see

    1. Hi YoYo. I don't see the answers for Coyote Ugly or any pending morderation for approval on Viggle Live page comments. Can I request you to please post it again there or here.

    2. hopefully you got them. i posted under here

  2. coyote ugly answers posted to viggle live answers tab, but need to be approved so that others can see

  3. coyote ugly answers started at 23 this time:

    Who plays Violet's dad, Bill? John Goodman.
    John Goodman plays Violet's protective papa. He is known for his role on Roseanne.
    Before moving away, Violet told her father that she would be back home every Sunday to Do Laundry.
    Melanie Lynskey plays Violet's best friend Gloria. She also plays Rose in which CBS comedy? Two and a Half Men.
    LeAnn Rimes was featured on "Coyote Ugly's" soundtrack. She told us we "Can't Fight the Moonlight".
    Violet meets her future boyfriend a A Bar.
    Violet first encountered the bartenders of Coyote Ugly in a Diner.
    Bridget Moynahan, who plays Rachel, has a son with which NFL Quarterback? Tom Brady.
    Coyote Ugly owner Lil gives Violet the nickname Jersey.
    Zoe leaves her job at Coyote Ugly to attend Law School.

    Tyra Banks, aka Zoe, created which TV show? America's Next Top Model.
    At her 2nd Coyote Ugly audition, Violet doused the Fire Warden in water resulting in a fine of $250.
    The morning after their 1st date, Kevin and Violet visit a Fish Market.
    True or false: Violet's apartment is robbed. TRUE.
    Kevin parted ways with his valuable "Spider-Man" comic so Violet could perform at The Elbow Room.
    To break up a fight, Violet sings which Blondie song? "One Way or Another".
    Violet's father finds out the truth about her job when he Sees Her Picture in the Paper.
    True of False: Violet is fired from Coyote Ugly after Kevin starts a fight. TRUE.
    Violet's father is hospitalized after a Car Accident.
    John Goodman, aka Violet's dad, stars alongside "The Dude" in which Coen Brothers flick? The Big Lebowski.

    Violet's big break comes when she plays at the Bowery Ballroom.
    "Coyote Ugly" features a cameo from which country singer? LeAnn Rimes.
    Where is the real Coyote Ugly located? New York.
    Who plays Violet? Piper Perabo.
    Violet suffers from Stage Fright.
    Piper Perabo plays Violet, but she is also known for playing CIA agent on Covert Affairs.
    All of the girls dance on top of the Bar.
    Before moving to New York, Violet quits her job at a Pizza Shop.
    Violet is originally from New Jersey.
    Violet moved to New York to pursue a career as a Songwriter.

  4. i posted some others to your viggle live tab yesterday and they didn't show up either

  5. i'll start using the notify me button and see if i get a message it posted.

  6. clicking notify me on this one to see what it does.