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Friday, August 21, 2015

Wetpaint Status Update...

Question asked:

"What should users expect from WetPaint today? Is it fixed? What changes to expect? 



Response from Viggle:


I’m not getting any points at all when I complete a video, and I’ve tried on multiple browsers/devices.

My understanding is that right now, we are issuing points once per video. I do not have any information beyond that. 

I will let you know once the decision is made.



  1. Viggle Points are off at the mo’
    Viggle Points are disconnected while we make some improvements.
    Thanks for being patient. Sorry!

  2. Is it true that some users are locked out of their WP accounts?

  3. I can log in. only see 1 video with points which i watched and got the above message after finishing the video. ugh this is frustrating...

  4. How convenient that the issue is still unresolved on a Friday, meaning Viggle won't have to give out WetPaint points over the weekend... My prediction is that they'll cut WetPaint video points drastically and subtract points from so-called 'fraudulent' accounts or delete them altogether!

  5. That will really suck. They make it sound like we are stealing points from them. Meanwhile it takes hoursssss to earn the max a day. It's a lot of work!!!

  6. I just tried logging in to Wet Paint, got a message that said my account is locked out. ������

  7. Took me 18 hours including sleep, breaks and exercise to reach 12,000 today. When Wetpaint was working @ ten x 50 points per vid, I got it down to less than 90 minutes. I am very bummed out. 12,000 points is only worth about $3 in Viggle Rewards. 90 minutes of work for $3 is still way below minimum wage. Now 18 hours amounts to very few cents per hour and we have to give up our lives to keep reaching 12,000 points each day.

    1. how do you even reach 12,000 pts? 2000 from music 20 pts from ads and check ins are worth so little. I cant even think of any way to reach that limit without the videos!

    2. Rubycnyc: When WetPaint was normal, you just checked into 24 videos 10 times each. Otherwise, aside from what you mentioned, the bulk of your points will come from Viggle Live Trivia where, in some instances, you can get up to 7,500pts per show/movie. It sure as hell won't come from check-in points, with the miniscule 2x & 3x points that Viggle is now stupidly offering.

  8. is wetpaint still down it s not working for me is it working for anyone

  9. In a week or two!!!!

    AUG 24, 2015 | 11:55AM EDT

    Thanks for writing.

    This feature will be back within a week or two.

    Viggle Support

  10. Well, things are going to look really awkward when WP's site traffic plunges to near zero over these next couple of weeks. Does anyone even visit that site otherwise?