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Saturday, August 15, 2015

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Viggle Schedule for Saturday, 8/15/2015

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Fast and Furious” first hit theatres in 2009.
“Fast and Furious” is the 4TH installment of the franchise.
“Fast and Furious” director Justin Lin first joined the film franchise for TOKYO DRIFT.
★NEW Q★ “Fast and Furious” takes place 5 (FIVE) years after the events of the series’ original film.
During its original theatrical run, “Fast and Furious” scored the highest grossing APRIL debut in movie history.
Vin Diesel made his feature film debut as a young soldier in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.
In 2002, Vin Diesel starred as Xander Cage in the movie XXX.
“Fast and Furious” film TOKYO DRIFT does not feature an appearance by Paul Walker.
Before joining the FBI, Brian O'Conner worked for the LAPD.
When he isn’t racing or hijacking fuel trucks, “Fast & Furious” character Dom Toretto works as a MECHANIC.
Dom Toretto’s younger sister is named MIA.
At the start of “Fast & Furious,” Dom Toretto and his crew are hiding out in DOMINICIAN REPUBLIC.
ARTURO BRAGA did NOT appear in the series’ original film.
“Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker broke out in the 1999 sports movie VARSITY BLUES.
In 2006, Paul Walker starred as an Antarctic guide in the hit Disney film EIGHT BELOW.
MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ appeared in James Cameron’s monster hit “Avatar.”
Fenix Calderon is a HIT MAN.
HAN SEOUL-OH also appeared in F&TF: Tokyo Drift.
In 2010, Michelle Rodriguez returned to her action roots alongside Danny Trejo in MACHETE.
F&TF star MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ also had a key role in the show “Lost”.
At the start of “Fast & Furious” Dom Toretto is making ends meet by hijacking FUEL TRUCKS.
BRIAN O'CONNOR is not a member of Dom’s crew in the Dominican Republic.
Dom Toretto fled to PANAMA CITY to avoid arrest. 
F&TF star Jordana Brewster has also starred in the show DALLAS.
Before appearing in the F&TF series, Jordana Brewstar got her star in the long-running soap opera AS THE WORLD TURNS.
Dom Toretto and BRIAN O'CONNOR manage to track down David Park at the exact same time.
DOM TORETTO convinces David Park to cooperate by dangling him out a window.
Dom Toretto shows up to Park’s street race driving a CHEVROLET CHEVELLE.
Gisele Yashar is BRAGA’S ASSISTANT.
Crime lord Arturo Braga is attempting to expand his empire from MEXICO to the United States.
DOM TORETTO wins Arturo Braga’s street race through Los Angeles.
Brian manages to secure a spot in Braga’s drug-transport ring because he ARRESTS A DRIVER.

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