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Friday, November 21, 2014

Viggle schedule interruption

Hello Vigglers. 

I might not be able to post the schedule for these 3 days from 11/21 to 11/23. 

I will try to post the schedule later in the day this weekend but just wanted to let everyone know that it will be uncertain for the 3 day period. Schedules will be posted regularly and on time from Monday 11/24. 

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for all the love and support. 

- ViggleBoy. 


  1. I made my schedule and this is what I came up that is the best fit!
    Also Predict your College Football tonight in between there is 2 games

    *8pm- Amazing Race- 4x on CBS
    *9pm Shark Tank- 4x and Live on ABC
    *10pm Blue Bloods- 4x on CBS
    *11pm Gold Rush-4x on Discovery Channel

    Hope this helps others tonight

  2. See, that's what i was talking about. Your just awesome. Have a great holiday

  3. Saturday November 22nd-
    This is what I came up with hope this helps a little while he is gone :)
    And you all can call me Jacci lol Jacqueline is what mom call when I'm in trouble, you all know how that is LOL

    *6pm Mulan- Live on ABCFamily
    *7:30pm Oklahoma State at Baylor- 4x and Football on FOX
    *9pm Hell on Wheels- 4x and Live on AMC
    *10pm Southern California at UCLA- 4x and Football on ABC
    *11:29 Saturday NIght Live- 4x and Live on NBC

    Answer are in *stars* <-Like this

    -Mulan was evaluated by a *matchmaker* at the beginning of the film.
    -Before Ming-Na Wan was the voice of Mulan, she played Dr. Jing-Mei “Deb” Chen on the medical drama *ER*.
    -The song *“Be Our Guest”* is not featured in Mulan.
    -*Christina Aguilera* is the pop star who recorded a version of “Reflection.”
    -*Harvey Fierstein* is the “Mrs. Doubtfire” actor who is known for his gruff voice who provided the voice of Yao.
    The First Ambasador was voiced by *George Takei*, an actor known for his work in “Star Trek.”
    -Mulan’s beloved pet is a *dog.*
    -*Donny Osmond* sang “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” for the film.
    -*Tarzan* was the animated film released by Disney in 1999.
    -The “Karate Kid” actor *Pat Morita* voiced the Emperor.
    -Former SNL cast member *Eddie Murphy* was the voice of Mushu.
    -It is *true* that Mulan was originally developed as a short film.
    -Mulan’s dog Little Brother appeared in a brief cameo in *Tarzan.*
    -Mushu was demoted to *gong ringer* by the First Ancestor.
    -Earlier in the movie, the troops sang “I’ll Make a *Man* Out of You” as they trained for battle.
    -The ancestors wanted Mushu to awaken the *Great Stone Dragon.*
    -The boy’s name Mulan made up for herself on the spot was *Ping.*
    -Mushu is a *dragon.*
    -Mulan’s soldier pals infiltrated the palace by dressing up as *women.*
    -Captain Li Shang’s father was *General Li.*
    -Mulan’s grandmother gave her a *cricket* for luck.

    HOPE this helps everyone make some extra points...also you can check into something else and still play this Live and get answers right, that's +100 for each, remember. Trying to help make everyone points like I do and need :)

  5. November 23rd- Sunday
    Here are my predictions for the most points. Hope this helps everyone and Have a great day!

    *3pm Mulan-Live on ABCFamily
    *5pm Hunger Games on ABCFamily
    *8pm The 2014 American Music Awards 4x and Live on ABC
    *8:20pm Cowboys at Giants 6x and Football on NBC
    *11:30pm Walking Dead 4x and Live on AMC
    *12:30a.m. Real House Wives of Atlanta 4x and Live on Bravo

    1. Thank you so much Jacqueline for posting these updates for everyone... :D