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Friday, May 30, 2014

Viggle schedule for Friday, May 30, 2014

Viggle schedule for Friday - 5/30/2014

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The Matrix” - Viggle Live Answers
  • "The Matrix" has 2 Sequels.
  • Neo's "civilian" name is Thomas Anderson.
  • Morpheus is the Greek god of Dreams
  • One of Laurence Fishburne's earliest TV roles was on One Life to Live.
  • Laurence Fishburne currently stars on Hannibal.
  • He plays Javk Crawford, head of the FBI's Behavior Sciences, on "Hannibal". Carrie-Anne Moss had a recurring role on Chuck.
  • Recognize the actor who plays Mr Smith?? Hugo Weaving is also well known for playing Elrond in "The Lord of the Rings".
  • Hugo Weaving has worked with the directors of "The Matrix" several times. He also starred in their movie Cloud Atlas.
  • Joe Pantoliano, who plays Cypher, also appeared in the "802 cult classic The Goonies.
  • Agent Smith is accompanied by Agent brown and Agent Jones.
  • The Wachowskis are currently working o another sci-fi film. What's it called? Juniper Ascending.
  • Where was the majority of "The Matrix" filmed? Australia.
  • The world inside the Matrix is tinted Green
  • "The Matrix" won 4 Academy Awards in 2000.
  • "Know Thyself" is written in Latin over the Oracle's door - it's a reference to the Greek oracle of Delphi.
  • Neo hides his computer discs inside of a Book.
  • Neo works as a Computer programmer at the start of the movie.
  • Morpheus's ship is named the Nebuchadnezzar
  • Dozer is the ship's Pilot.
  • Those who want to leave the Matrix take the Red pill.
  • Who is a human freed from the Matrix who regrets his decision? Cypher
  • Trinity tells Neo to "follow the white rabbit" - that's a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • Which A-Lister turned down the role of Neo? Will Smith

Wedding Crashers” - Viggle Live Answers
  • While staying at the Cleary vacation house, Jeremy and John claim that they run a company called Holy Shirts and Pants
  • Jeremy and John are professional divorce mediators
  • William Clearly is the United States Secretary of the Treasury
  • WC first hit theatres in 2005
  • Bradley Cooper recently earned an Oscar nomination for his role in Silver Linings Playbook
  • Complete the quote: "Crab cakes and Football, that's what Maryland does!
  • Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson recently reunited to star in The Internship
  • Who is responsible for creating the WC rules? Chazz Reinhold
  • According to Jeremy, Rule No 76 of WC is no excuses, play like a champion.
  • Jeremy claims that he knows everything there is to know about maple syrup
  • Who is a well-known funeral crasher? Chazz Reinhold
  • During the first dinner at the Clearys vacation home, John spikes Sack's drink with eye drops
  • Claire works as a environmental activist
  • Who admits to having an imaginary friend named Shiloh? Jeremy
  • WC takes place in Washington DC
  • Chazz Reinhold is constantly screaming for his mom to bring him meatloaf
  • According to Jeremy, Gloria is a stage 5 clinger.
  • Who accidentally gets shot during a quail hunt? Jeremy
  • Who becomes the target of sexual advances by Claire's mom? John
  • Vince Vaughn once portrayed a middle-aged frat boy in the classic comedy Old School
  • In real life, Isla Fisher is married to Sacha Baron Cohen
  • Claire and Gloria have a younger brother named Todd
  • Which hilarious actor makes a WC cameo as Chazz Reinhold? Will Ferrell
  • Politician John McCain makes a cameo at the Cleary wedding.
  • Which WC actor recently had a major role in The Great Gatsby? Isla Fisher
  • According to founder Chazz Reinhold, what is nature's most powerful aphrodisiac? grief
  • Which member of the Cleary family is known for painting some very strange portraits? Todd
  • Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams reunited to play a couple in the 2011 film Midnight in Paris
  • Before WC, Rachel McAdams starred alongside Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

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