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Friday, May 16, 2014

Viggle schedule for Friday, May 16, 2014

Viggle schedule for Friday - 5/16/2014

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Avatar” - Viggle Live Answers
  • Avatar takes place in the year 2154.
  • At the time of his Avatar audition, Sam Worthington was living in his car.
  • Avatar originally hit theatres in 2009.
  • From 2011 to 2013, Zoe Saldana romanced Bradley Cooper.
  • Sam Worthington is originally from Australia.
  • In Hebrew, the word “na’vi” means prophet.
  • The Resources Development Administration is led by a slimy executive named Parker Selfridge.
  • Avatar actor Giovanni Ribisi played a deranged man in Ted.
  • Avatar actor Zoe Saldana had a minor role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.
  • James Cameron specifically chose Sam Worthington to star in Avatar because he was unknown.
  • Avatar features a fictional alien race called the Na’vi.
  • Many have compared the storyline of Avatar to that of Pocahontas.
  • The role of Jake Sully was originally supposed to be played by Matt Damon.
  • Avatar takes place on the fictional planet of Pandora.
  • Jake Sully’s love interest is named Neytiri.
  • Neytiri’s mother Mo’at serves as the clan’s spiritual leader.
  • Neytiri’s father is named Eytukan.
  • Zoe Saldana currently has a major role in the Star Trek film series.
  • Sigourney Weaver originally worked with James Cameron on the set of Aliens.
  • James Cameron originally planned to release Avatar in 1999.
  • The natives of Pandora gather at a sacred site called HomeTree.
  • Jake Sully ultimately gains the native’s trust by taming a dragon-like creature called the Toruk.
  • The sacred site Tree of Souls is capable of permanently transferring a human into an avatar.
  • Director James Cameron is perhaps best known for his work on the 1997 historical epic Titanic.
  • Jake Sully lost the use of his legs in a military accident.
  • After starring in Avatar, Sam Worthington became a major action star by appearing in Terminator: Salvation.
  • Avatar star Joel David Moore once played a socially awkward gym employee in Dodgeball.
  • Avatar is expected to be the first in a 3 film series.
  • Sam Worthington has also done voice acting in the popular Call of Duty video game series.
  • At one point, Sam Worthington nearly became the next James Bond, but lost out to Daniel Craig.
  • James Cameron was convinced that CGI had advanced enough to make Avatar after watching Gollum in Lord of The Rings.
  • In order to simulate the jungle environment of Avatar, James Cameron took the film’s cast to train in Hawaii.
  • Avatar earned nearly 3 billion dollars at the box office.
  • James Cameron’s film Titanic earned the Academy Award for Best Picture.
  • Terminator was James Cameron’s first major commercial success.
  • The humans are obsessed with harvesting a substance called Unobtainium.
  • Avatar was the first James Cameron sci-fi film whose story did not include Nuclear Weapons.
  • It’s TRUE, Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time.
  • Jodie Foster was originally considered for the role of Dr. Grace Augustine.
  • The Na’vi differs from humans in that they have 4 fingers.
  • Dr. Grace Augustine’s “avatar” wears a Standford University tank top.
  • Grace Augustine is the head of the “Avatar Program”.
  • The Na’vi tribe worships a goddess called Eywa.
  • Michelle Rodriguez plays a helicopter pilot in the movie.

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