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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Viggle schedule for Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Viggle schedule for Wednesday - 1/1/2014

By Playing MYGUY during any BCS Bowl game, you can earn 5x Viggle points for your MYGUY score. Earn up to +5,000 Viggle points per game. 
Viggle Tips: You must be checked into the live airing of a BCS 5x Bowl Game between 1/1/ and 1/6 and play MYGUY. 
Note: MYGUY Viggle points will be awarded during the game at the end of each quarter. BCS bonus points will be awarded within 7 business days from the end of the bonus. 

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 Every time you check in and play MYGUY during an eligible college game, it is an entry in the Bowl Season Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to 2014 NFL Draft and +100,000 Viggle bonus points.

Max points schedule:

More shows for Viggle live bonus:

You’ve Got Mail” movie - Viggle Live Answers
  • “You’ve Got Mail” was directed by Nora Ephron.
  • "You’ve Got Mail" was the 3rd time that Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan had acted together.
  • Birdie Conrad is actually named after a character from Bye Bye Birdie.
  • Joe Fox runs a bookstore called Fox Books.
  • AOL's email program made the phrase “You've Got Mail” popular.
  • "You’ve Got Mail" director Nora Ephron was also the mind behind the classic 1993 rom-com Sleepless in Seattle.
  • Nora Ephron & Meg Ryan first worked together on the movie When Harry Met Sally.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Kathleen Kelly was dating Frank Navasky.
  • Frank Navasky writes for the New York Observer.
  • In 2011, “You’ve Got Mail” actress Parker Posey had a recurring role on the show The Good Wife.
  • Kathleen’s bookstore is the Shop Around the Corner.
  • Matthew is Joe’s 4 year old brother.
  • Dave Chappelle plays Kevin Jackson, Joe’s employee & BFF.
  • Kevin Jackson is NOT an employee at Kathleen’s bookstore.
  • Joe’s Aunt Annabel is 11 years old.
  • Kathleen has 3 assistants working at the Shop Around the Corner.
  • Kathleen Kelly’s employee George ends up working at one of Joe Fox’s bookstores.
  • Kathleen Kelly’s screen name is Shopgirl.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Joe Fox was dating Patricia Eden.
  • Frank Navasky is played by Greg Kinnear, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work in As Good As It Gets.
  • Greg Kinnear plays Frank Navasky in “You’ve Got Mail”. Before Greg became an actor, he was a Talk Show Host.
  • "You’ve Got Mail" first his theatres in 1998.
  • Joe Fox is obsessed with The Godfather.
  • In 2006, Tom Hanks took on the role of Robert Langdon in the thriller Da Vinci Code.
  • In 1983, Meg Ryan appeared alongside Tom Cruise in the classic action drama Top Gun.
  • Joe Fox’s screen name is NY152.
  • In 1998, Tom Hanks played a heroic soldier in Saving Private Ryan.

8 Mile” movie - Viggle Live Answers
  • Though Eminem plays B-Rabbit on-screen, his real-life alter ego is named Slim Shady.
  • Jimmy goes by the stage name B-Rabbit.
  • B-Rabbit is to Jimmy Smith as Eminem is to Marshall Mathers.
  • Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend is Janeane.
  • Rabbit’s mom is really into with bingo.
  • In the opening of the film, Jimmy’s nerves get the best of him and he vomits.
  • Kim Basinger plays Jimmy’s mom in the film.
  • Rabbit’s little sister is named Lily.
  • Brittany Murphy plays Alex.
  • Stephanie’s boyfriend is named Greg.
  • Jimmy has an unfortunate habit of being late to work.
  • 8 Mile refers to a road in Detroit.
  • 8 Mile follows the life of an aspiring rapper.
  • Jimmy is played by Eminem.
  • Alex is an aspiring model.
  • Cheddar Bob accidentally shoots himself.
  • When Rabbit’s crew is cruising, they shoot pedestrians with a paintball gun.
  • Wink has ties with WJLB?
  • Eminem’s hit Lose Yourself serves as the title track for 8 Mile.
  • Director Curtis Hanson also worked with Kim Basinger on LA Confidential.
  • Jimmy’s crew burns down an abandoned house in the film.
  • Alex cheats on Jimmy with Wink.
  • The group of rappers that rivals Jimmy goes by Leaders of the Free World.
  • Popular rapper Xzibit makes a cameo in the film.
  • Future’s real name is Dave Porter.
  • Eminem won Best Male Performance at The MTV Movie Awards in 2002.
  • Jimmy gets fired from Little Caesar’s.
  • Jimmy’s sister Lily is thought to be modeled after Eminem’s real life daughter, whose name is Hailie.
  • Mekhi Phifer plays a club MC known as Future.
  • Jimmy frequents The Shelter.
  • Eugene Byrd plays Wink in 8 Mile.
  • Scott Silver, who wrote the screenplay, also wrote The Fighter.
  • 8 Mile won 1 Academy Award.
  • At The Shelter, each rapper gets 45 seconds in each battle.
  • Taryn Manning appears as Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend, Janeane.
  • 8 Mile is set in Detroit.

Twilight” movie - Viggle Live Answers
  • Twilight takes places in the small town of Forks.
  • Twilight first hit movie theatres in 2008.
  • Rosalie’s “twin brother” is named Jasper.
  • At the start of Twilight, Bella Swan is 17 years old.
  • Kristen Stewart couldn’t resist that sparkly skin - she dates Twilight star Robert Pattinson in real life.
  • Bella Swan’s mother is married to a professional baseball player.
  • Renee is Bella Swan’s mother.
  • In addition to being Bella’s father, Charlie Swan is also the town’s Chief of Police.
  • Charlie is Bella Swan’s father.
  • Twilight author Stephanie Meyer claims that the band Muse was a major inspiration in her writing.
  • Vampire Carlisle Cullen is also the town doctor.
  • There are 5 films in the Twilight series.
  • Edward Cullen and Bella Swan first met during their biology class.
  • In 2010, a Twilight spoof called Vampires Suck poked fun at the insanely popular series.
  • Edward Cullen has 4 adoptive brothers and sisters.
  • James Witherdale’s mate is named Victoria Sutherland.
  • At the start of Twilight, Edward Cullen is 108 years old.
  • Bella Swan lived in Arizona before moving to Washington.
  • Twilight author Stephanie Meyer makes a cameo in the movies as a diner customer.
  • On the Road is Kristen Stewart’s most recent work.
  • Twilight star Kristen Stewart had to wear brown contacts for her role as Bella Swan.
  • Twilight star Taylor Lautner was once in a relationship with pop star Taylor Swift.
  • In 2011, Twilight's Robert Pattinson starred with Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants.
  • The Twilight movie series is based on novels written by Stephanie Meyer.
  • According to Twilight, Edward Cullen became a vampire in 1918.
  • Twilight star Robert Pattinson is originally from England.
  • The part of Edward Cullen was so coveted that the directors of Twilight tested over 5,000 actors for the role.
  • Twilight was directed by Catherine Hardwicke.
  • Vampire Rosalie Hale is considered the move beautiful woman in the world.
  • Jacob Black is a member of the Quileute tribe.
  • In Twilight, Edward Cullen has the ability to read minds.
  • Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence was briefly considered for the role of Twilight's Bella Swan.
  • At the start of the Twilight series, Bella Swan is a normal human.
  • Twilight villain Cam Gigandet once had a recurring role on the hit Fox series The O.C.
  • In one famous Twilight scene, the vampires show off their powers by playing baseball.
  • In 2012, Twilight star Kristen Stewart took on another fantasy epic by appearing in a(n) adaptation of Snow White.

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