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Sunday, January 5, 2014

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Thor” movie - Viggle Live Answers
  • Odin lost his eye in the battle with the Frost Giants.
  • Anthony Hopkins earned an Oscar for his role as Hannibal Lecter.
  • Mjdnir, Thor’s hammer, was made from a dying star.
  • Chris Hemsworth also played Thor in the 2012 superhero flick The Avengers.
  • Jane and Erik are chasing electric storms in New Mexico.
  • Jane first encounters Thor when she hits him with her car.
  • Frost Giants attempts to steal the casket from Odin.
  • Thor calls Asgard home.
  • Thor actress Natalie Portman earned an Academy Award in 2011.
  • Acclaimed actor Kenneth Branagh directed “Thor.”
  • Anthony Hopkins plays Odin, Thor’s father.
  • Thor’s friends are known as Sif and the Warriors Three.
  • For his disobedience, Odin banishes Thor.
  • Jane’s profession in “Thor” is Astrophysicist.
  • Darcy is Jane’s Intern.
  • After running Thor over with their car, Darcy teasers him.
  • Loki is Thor’s brother.
  • Comic book legend Stan Lee makes a cameo in “Thor.”
  • Mjolnir is the name or Thor’s hammer.
  • “Thor” earned over $400 million at the domestic Box Office.
  • Chris Hemsworth played a race car driver in the film “Rush.”
  • When Jane and Darcy first meet Thor, they think he is crazy.
  • Agent Coulson work for S.H.I.E.L.D. 
  • In “Thor,” Kat Dennings plays Darcy. Kat currently stars on 2 Broke Girls.
  • After Odin falls ill, Loki declares himself King.
  • The Avenger Hawkeye makes a cameo in “Thor.”
  • Loki visits Earth and tells Thor that their father is dead.
  • Sif and the Warriors Three ride a portal to Earth.
  • Heimdall guards and controls the Bifrost Bridge.
  • Loki sends The Destroyer to Earth to kill Thor.
  • There are 9 realms in the universe.
  • Samuel L. Jackson makes a cameo after ther end credits of “Thor.”
  • Actress Renee Russo plays Thor’s mother, Frigga. She’s best known for her role in the action film series Lethal Weapon.
  • Thor and his friends travel to Jotunheim to confront the Frost Giants.
  • Odin rescues Thor and his friends in Jotunheim.

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  1. the 49ers vs. packers NFL game is going to be 3x with MyGuy & part of the Quest 1:30pst/4:30et