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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Viggle schedule for Saturday, January 11, 2014

Viggle schedule for Saturday - 1/11/2014

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Transformers” movie - Viggle Live Answers
  • Bernie Mac appears as Bobby Bolivia.
  • In the film, Sam’s Chevy Camaro transforms into Bumblebee.
  • The Autobot Ratchet is a medic.
  • Transformers actress Megan Fox is married to a former 90210 star.
  • Jon Voight, who plays John Keller, is the father of Angelina Jolie in real life.
  • Sam Witwicky is played by Shia LaBeouf.
  • Anthony Anderson, who plays Glen, played Detective Kevin Bernard on Law & Order.
  • Sam Witwicky’s dog is named Mojo.
  • Josh Duhamel plays William Lennox.
  • The sequel to Transformers was released in 2009.
  • In the film, Sam uses the nickname “ladiesman217” on eBay.
  • Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots.
  • Sector Seven is the name of a Government Agency.
  • Sam’s guardian is Bumblebee.
  • The leader of the Decepticons is Megatron.
  • Josh Duhamel is married to Fergie.
  • Decepticon Starscream escapes at the end of the film.
  • The Witwicky family motto is “No sacrifice, no victory.”
  • Sam Witwicky is the keeper of his great-grandfather’s glasses.
  • Archibald Witwicky discovered Megatron beneath the ice.
  • Peter Cullen provides the voice of Optimus Prime.
  • Sam’s father, Ron, is played by Kevin Dunn.
  • John Turturro plays Agent Simmons in the film.
  • Howard Stern was originally approached to make a quick voice cameo in the film.
  • The remains of Decepticons are left to deconstruct in The Laurentian Abyss.
  • Megan Fox plays Mikaela Banes in the film.
  • Recognize the voice of Megatron? That’s Hugo Weaving, who played Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy.
  • Michael Bay directed Transformers.
  • Mythical world Cybertron is the home planet for all Transformers.
  • Weapons is Ironhide’s specialty.
  • The Transformers film franchise is based on a line of toys.
  • Barricade is a Decepticon.
  • The “Transformer” are divided into Autobots and Decepticons.
  • Bonecrusher is a Decepticon.
  • Sexual Healing is the song that starts to play when Sam drives Mikaela home.
  • The All Spark is the object that acts as the universal life source for all Transformers.

The Princess Diaries” movie - Viggle Live Answers
  • Julie Andrews played the title role in Disney's Mary Poppins.
  • Before she played Mia's BFF, Heather Matarazzo had a breakout role in Welcome to the Dollhouse.
  • In the "Princess Diaries" book, Mia and her mom live in New York City.
  • Hector Elizondo, aka Joe the security guru, appears in every movie directed by Garry Marshall.
  • Julie Andrews is best buddies with Carol Burnett.
  • Before he played Joe, Hector Elizondo won an Emmy for his role on Chicago Hope.
  • Mia hits a Cable car when her car fails.
  • Mandy Moore and Heather Matarazzo both appeared in Saved!
  • Mia and her mom live in San Francisco
  • Meg Cabot has written 10 “Princess Diaries” novels.
  • “The Princess Diaries” was the film debut of Anne Hathaway.
  • Anne Hathaway recently won an Oscar for her work in Les Miserables.
  • Sandra Oh, who plays Vice Principal Gupta, currently appears on Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Who leaks the news to the press that Mia is a princess Paolo.
  • Who is the first person that Mia tells about being a princess Lilly.
  • Before he was Josh, Eric von Detten starred in the remake of the classic TV show Leave It to Beaver.
  • Hector Elizondo played Mr. Grey in “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.”
  • Mandy Moore lent her voice to the Disney animated movie Tangled.
  • Mia and her mom live in a renovated Firehouse
  • Robert Schwartzman, who plays Michael, is the Lead vocalist of the band Rooney.
  • Robert Schwartzman, who plays Michael, is the cousin of director Sofia Coppola.
  • Clarisse appoints a policeman and a trolley driver to the Genovian Order of the Rose during the film.
  • Anne Hathaway won an Emmy for her voice-over work on The Simpsons
  • Mia is having her Car fixed up at the garage where Michael works.
  • "The Princess Diaries" book series was written by Meg Cabot
  • "The Princess Diaries" book series includes a Romance novel written by Mia.
  • Sandra Oh starred opposite Thomas Haden Church and Paul Giamatti in Sideways.
  • Mandy Moore, who plays Lana, is married to rocker Ryan Adams
  • Anne Hathaway won the role of Mia because Garry Marshall's granddaughters thought she had the best "princess Hair."
  • Michael's band is called Flypaper
  • Director Garry Marshall is the creator of Happy Days
  • Paolo is a Italian hairdresser.
  • Mia often gets around via Scooter
  • Which actor appears in the second "Princess Diaries" movie Chris Pine
  • "The Princess Diaries 2" takes place in Genovia

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