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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Viggle schedule for Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Viggle schedule for Wednesday - 12/04/2013

Viggle Update: We are aware that many iOS users are experiencing log-in issues after updating to a new version of Viggle this evening. Please be assured that no user information has been lost during the transition. Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful evening.

Maximum points schedule:

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  1. I had a viggle up date last night. Now the check in screen has TV or Music.
    Anyone has any info on this change? We can viggle music?

  2. The limit is 20 songs per day, not 25. Hth.

  3. The limit is 20 songs per day for 25 pts, not 25 songs. Hth.

  4. Here's a FAQ for the new music matching:

    As everyone mentioned: 20 songs / day at +25 each, but you only get points for any given song once.

  5. Christmas in Rockefeller starts at 7pm eastern I believe!

  6. "Wrapped Roadies" should actually read "Warped Roadies"

  7. Has anyone had problems loging in the new version on an android phone. Been having problems since the update.

    This version sucks

    Liked the old one better

    1. I haven't had any luckily but I have an older phone.... don't know if that makes a difference

  8. Upgrade is still screwed up. Viggle questions says I have already answer everything on tonight's Survivor just like it has since up grade. Really sick of this whole thing

  9. Is there any way to talk like we used to for help with viggle questions and make the time go by faster?

  10. Did nearly 50 songs today on Viggle Music and got bonuses on all of them. Also, the new update for viggle on iOS for apple is giving me double points on all Viggle Live questions I answer. Oops viggle, lol! Now this is a mistake I can get behind. Gotta post this anonymous, dont want them coming after me.

  11. Last 2 days it only lets me check into 19 songs then keeps giving me 0 pts for ant attempts at my 20th song (yes its tracks never played before). anyone else get this glitch? Also, i cant do manual checkins, keep getting server errors, very annoying as i cant always be at the tv during bonus hours.