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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Viggle schedule for Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Viggle schedule for Tuesday - 12/24/2013

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Most Common Viggle Live answers for “Sex and the City” movie tonight
  • Sarah Jessica Parker met her husband Matthew Broderick when her brother introduced them.
  • According to Carrie, when she was new to the city, she bought Vogue instead of dinner.
  • Jennifer Hudson plays Louise.
  • Samantha has a public relations firm.
  • When Sarah Jessica Parker was a kid, she appeared on Broadway as the infamous Lil’ Orphan Annie.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker has vowed that she will again never star in a TV series.
  • Posh Spice was offered a cameo role in the film.
  • This movie was released a decade after the TV series started.
  • This movie spawned a sequel! When was it released 2010.
  • Kelly Rowland auditioned to play Louise.
  • This movie was filmed in the same studio as the original series. TRUE
  • Sarah Jessica Parker used to date wild child Robert Downey Jr.
  • Production on the movie was delayed while Kim Catrell negotiated her deal.
  • Willie Garson, aka BFF Stanford, currently appears on the show While Collar.
  • Before Kristin Davis was Charlotte, she played Brooke on Melrose Place.
  • After the TV show wrapped, Carrie’s desk was donated to The Smithsonian.
  • Kid is Big’s nickname for Carrie.
  • The tutu in the movie is the same tutu Carrie wears in the series credits. TRUE
  • John James Preston is Mr. Big’s full name.
  • The soundtrack from this movie debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts.
  • According to costume designer Patricia Field, Samantha’s look is inspired by Dynasty.
  • Carrie’s custom wedding gown was designed by Vivenne Westwood.
  • Miranda told Big that marriage ruined everything.
  • Kim Cattrell was born in England.
  • At the beginning of the TV series, Carrie lived in the upper east side area of Manhattan.
  • Miranda is a lawyer.
  • This movie made about $415 million at the Box Office.
  • Here’s a tough one, “Sex and the City” fans. When Samantha was a teenager, she worked at Dairy Queen.
  • Charlotte was a art dealer.
  • Carrie’s “Sex and the City” column is published by The New York Star.
  • Charlotte’s husband Harry is a divorce lawyer. 
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Most Common Viggle Live answers for “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movie tonight
  • National Lampoon began as a magazine.
  • Director Harold Ramis is also an actor, having played Egon Spengler in 1984’s Ghostbusters.
  • Chevy Chase wears a ball cap in all 4 “Vacation” movies.
  • National Lampoon’s Club Med is NOT a sequel of “Vacation”.
  • The first city the Griswolds visit is St. Louis.
  • The hot woman who flirts with Clark drives a red Ferrari.
  • Poor Cousin Eddie lost his job at the asbestos factory.
  • The Griswolds settle down for the night at Kamp Komfort in Colorado.
  • Jane Krakowski, who plays Cousin Vickie, also played Elaine Vassal on Ally McBeal from 1997-2002.
  • Beverly D’Angelo, who plays Ellen, also played Patsy Cline in the 1980 Loretta Lynn biopic Coal Miner’s Daughter.
  • The clerk at Kamp Komfort comes out to meet the Griswolds eating watermelon.
  • Aunt Edna’s dog is named Dinky.
  • Screamy Meemy is the name of the first roller coaster the family rides at Walley World.
  • Anthony Michael Hall, who plays Rusty, appeared opposite Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands.
  • Jane Krakowski, who plays Cousin Vickie, played Jenna Maroney opposite Tina Fey on 30 Rock.
  • Randy Quaid, who plays Cousin Eddie, starred in the 1996 bowling movie Kingpin.
  • Chevy Chase played Pierce Hawthorne on Community.
  •  The “W” in Clark “W” Griswold stands for Wazoo. FALSE
  • Marty Moose is the mascot mentioned in the Walley World national anthem.
  • Cotton-Eyed Joe is the song that the Griswold family did NOT sing in the car.
  • Imogene Coca, who plays Aunt Edna, appeared opposite Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows.
  • Chicago is the last postcard shown in the opening montage.
  • When we first see Clark, he’s wearing a powder blue colored suit.
  • Metallic pea is the color of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.
  • Dumb and Dumber is the other movie the passengers sing “Mockingbird” on a road trip.
  • Christie Brinkley, who plays the girl in red car, played Mrs. Jerry Gergich on Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler.
  • Brian Doyle-Murray, who plays the Kamp Komfort clerk, also played Clark’s boss in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
  • Anthony Michael Hall, who plays Rusty, was NOT in the cast of Pretty in Pink.
Most Common Viggle Live answers for “Twilight: Eclipse” movie tonight
  • When The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was first released in 2010, it earned the record for Biggest midnight opening in the US.
  • Victoria was played by different actors in New Moon and Eclipse.
  • Edward’s skin sparkles when he steps into the sunlight.
  • Dakota Fanning’s character, Jane, is part of the vampire coven the Volturi.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard is the Hollywood Starlet that played Victoria in Eclipse.
  • Twilight cast mates Kristen Steward and Dakota Fanning both starred in The Runaways.
  • Eclipse is the 3rd film in the Twilight series.
  • On The Road is Kristen Stewart’s most recent work.
  • Bella drives a Chevy Pick-up.
  • Before Robert Pattinson was Edward, he played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter franchise.
  • Anna Kendrick plays Bella’s friend Jessica.
  • Alice’s special vampire ability is that she can see the future.
  • Victoria is being assisted by a newborn vampire named Riley.
  • Bella’s mom lives in Florida.
  • Seth Clearwater is the newest and youngest member of the wolf pack.
  • Actor Gil Birmingham, who plays Billy Black, recently guessed starred on The Lying Game.
  • Carlisle Cullen works as a doctor.
  • Bella and the Cullens live in Forks.
  • Anna Kendrick, aka Jessica, was nominated for an Academy Award for her work in Up in the Air.
  • Rosalie Hale is married to Emmett.
  • Before he became a vampire, Jasper Cullen fought in The Civil War.
  • Nikki Reed was Twilight: Eclipse cast member that wrote and starred in the award-winning move, Thirteen.
  • Telepathy is Edward’s special vampire ability.
  • Peter Facinelli is the actor portrays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight series.
  • Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series, wrote another book called The Host.
  • Does Bella’s dad look familiar? The actor who plays Charlie, Billy Burke, stars on the NBC drama Revolution.
  • After Ashley Greene finished playing Alice, she appeared in the horror film The Apparition.
  • Author Stephenie Meyer said that the band Muse inspired her while writing the Twilight series.
  • At the beginning of the series, Bella moved to Forks from Arizona.
  • Twilight author Stephenie Meyer says the idea for the books came to her while she was sleeping.
  • Stephenie Meyer originally planned a Twilight companion book called Midnight Sun.
  • The Twilight: Eclipse novel sold about 150,000 copies in the first 24 hours after it was released.
  • In 2012, the UK edition of “GQ” named Robert Pattinson the Best Dressed Man of 2012.
  • Howard Shore composed the music for this movie. He also composed the music for Lord of the Rings.
  • Eclipse was filmed in Vancouver.
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards 4 times.
  • When the Cullens need to feed their eyes are black in color.
  • The Cullens eat animal blood.
  • Last year, Robert Pattinson starred in the David Cronenberg film Cosmopolis.
  • Kristen Stewart’s dog is named Bear.
Most Common Viggle Live answers for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” movie tonight (Thanks Donna for emailing answers to this movie.)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas is based on a poem written by Tim Burton.
  • One of the first Disney films The Nightmare Before Christmas producer Tim Burton worked on was The Fox and the Hound.
  • Jack Skellington makes a guest appearance in James and the Giant Peach.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas was released in theaters 1993.
  • Sally is a rag doll woman.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas takes over Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion from September to January.
  • Jack opened the portal to Christmas Town.
  • Danny Elfman wrote the music for The Nightmare Before Christmas. He also wrote the title theme for The Simpsons.
  • Sally is voiced by Catherine O’Hara, who also stars in the other classic holiday movie Home Alone.
  • Chris Sarandon is the voice of Jack but he’s also well known for playing Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired a themed Jenga edition: TRUE
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas is an example of stop motion animation.
  • Jack is the pumpkin King of Halloween Town.
  • Oogie Boogie’s lair has a casino theme.
  • Santa is kidnapped by Lock, Shock and Barrel.
  • Jack’s pet ghost dog is named Zero.
  • The Mayor of Halloween Town has 2 faces.
  • Tim Burton directed The Nightmare Before Christmas: FALSE
  • The residents of Halloween Town think Santa Claus is called Sandy Claws.


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