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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Viggle schedule for Thursday, December 26, 2013

Viggle schedule for Thursday - 12/26/2013

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National Lampoon’s Vacation” movie - Most Common Viggle Live answers
  • National Lampoon began as a magazine.
  • Director Harold Ramis is also an actor, having played Egon Spengler in 1984’s Ghostbusters.
  • Chevy Chase wears a ball cap in all 4 “Vacation” movies.
  • National Lampoon’s Club Med is NOT a sequel of “Vacation”.
  • The first city the Griswolds visit is St. Louis.
  • The hot woman who flirts with Clark drives a red Ferrari.
  • Poor Cousin Eddie lost his job at the asbestos factory.
  • The Griswolds settle down for the night at Kamp Komfort in Colorado.
  • Jane Krakowski, who plays Cousin Vickie, also played Elaine Vassal on Ally McBeal from 1997-2002.
  • Beverly D’Angelo, who plays Ellen, also played Patsy Cline in the 1980 Loretta Lynn biopic Coal Miner’s Daughter.
  • The clerk at Kamp Komfort comes out to meet the Griswolds eating watermelon.
  • Aunt Edna’s dog is named Dinky.
  • Screamy Meemy is the name of the first roller coaster the family rides at Walley World.
  • Anthony Michael Hall, who plays Rusty, appeared opposite Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands.
  • Jane Krakowski, who plays Cousin Vickie, played Jenna Maroney opposite Tina Fey on 30 Rock.
  • Randy Quaid, who plays Cousin Eddie, starred in the 1996 bowling movie Kingpin.
  • Chevy Chase played Pierce Hawthorne on Community.
  •  The “W” in Clark “W” Griswold stands for Wazoo. FALSE
  • Marty Moose is the mascot mentioned in the Walley World national anthem.
  • Cotton-Eyed Joe is the song that the Griswold family did NOT sing in the car.
  • Imogene Coca, who plays Aunt Edna, appeared opposite Sid Caesar on Your Show of Shows.
  • Chicago is the last postcard shown in the opening montage.
  • When we first see Clark, he’s wearing a powder blue colored suit.
  • Metallic pea is the color of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster.
  • Dumb and Dumber is the other movie the passengers sing “Mockingbird” on a road trip.
  • Christie Brinkley, who plays the girl in red car, played Mrs. Jerry Gergich on Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler.
  • Brian Doyle-Murray, who plays the Kamp Komfort clerk, also played Clark’s boss in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.
  • Anthony Michael Hall, who plays Rusty, was NOT in the cast of Pretty in Pink.

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Pretty Woman” movie - Most Common Viggle Live answers
  • Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starred in "Pretty Woman" together. They reunited for the movie in Runaway Bride 1999.  
  • Julia Roberts won an Oscar for her performance in Erin Brockovich
  • Julia Roberts had a memorable guest role on which popular sitcom? Friends
  • Julia Roberts is originally from Atlanta, GA
  • "Pretty Woman" star Julia Roberts is actress Emma Roberts' Aunt.  
  • Richard Gere was named "People" magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 1999.  
  • Richard Gere was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford in the 1990s.  
  • "Pretty Woman" star Richard Gere won a Golden Globe award for his role in Chicago
  • Richard Gere starred in the movie Nights in Rodanthe, based on the book by Nicholas Sparks.  
  • "Pretty Woman" premiered in 1990.
  • "Pretty Woman" director Garry Marshall also directed Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride
  • "Pretty Woman" is arguably the most successful rom com of all time. It made more than $400 million at the box office.  
  • Was Julia Roberts the studio's first choice to play Vivian? Yes
  • How old was Julia Roberts when she played Vivian in "Pretty Woman?" 21
  • What kind of car does Edward drive in "Pretty Woman?" Lotus Esprit
  • One of the tiny stars of Toddlers and Tiaras caused controversy last year after she dressed up as pre-makeover Vivian.  
  • The studio originally wanted Vivian's infamous red opera dress to be Black
  • Jason Alexander plays Phillip in "Pretty Woman," but he is most well-known for his role in the sitcom Seinfeld
  • Which young actress channelled Vivian Ward last Halloween and donned the infamous black boots and mini skirt? Emma Roberts
  • The title of "Pretty Woman" was inspired by the song, "Oh, Pretty Woman." Finish this lyric, "Pretty woman, walking down the Street
  • Edward originally asked Vivian for Directions
  • Edward was staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
  • Earlier in the Movie, Edward told Vivian that he hadn't spoken to his Father in 14 years.  
  • Earlier in the movie, Edward took Vivian to a Polo Match.  
  • In the beginning of the movie, Edward borrows a Sports car
  • What classic TV show did Vivian watch in Edward's room earlier in the movie? I Love Lucy
  • Earlier in the movies, Vivian said that Edward was her favorite name in the whole world.  
  • Vivian and Edward had a "romantic interlude" on a Piano earlier in the movie.  
  • Edward Lewis is scared of Heights
  • How much money was Vivian's week worth? $3000
  • Edward broke down the bathroom door to find VivianFlossing her teeth
  • Vivian and Edward match wits by playing Chess.
  • Who originally coached Vivian on manners? The hotel manager
  • Kit is Vivian's Friend.  
  • Edward's original plan was to buy a company and dismantle a Shipyard.  
  • Phillip asked Vivian to Keep him company when Edward was finished.  
  • How did Edward get Vivian to the opera? Private Plane
  • In the second half of the movie, Vivian returned to a Store that had rejected her earlier.  
  • Which show do Vivian and Edward see in San Francisco? La Traviata
  • At the end of the movie, Edward climbs a fire escape with Roses in his teeth. 
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The Santa Clause” movie - Most Common Viggle Live answers
  • The elite elves are known as E.L.F.S.
  • In “The Santa Clause,” the kids scream, “Let him go! Let Santa go,” a reference to the classic film Miracle on 34th Street.
  • After Scott put on the suit, he had until Thanksgiving before he has to return to the North Pole.
  • According to Bernard, Scott agreed to be Santa when he put on the suit.
  • Famous athlete Andre Agassi was listed near the top of Santa’ s list.
  • Tim Allen was not the producer’s first choice. The role was originally written for Bill Murray.
  • An elf named Judy knows how to make perfect hot chocolate.
  • Scotts diet eventually consists of milk and cookies.
  • Laura always wanted mystery date for Christmas.
  • Tim Allen is currently starring in the TV series Last Man Standing.
  • Neil always wanted an Oscar Mayer whistle for Christmas.
  • The first “The Santa Clause” movie was release in 1994.
  • “The Santa Clause” was one of Tim Allen’s first film roles- e’d previously starred in the TV show Home Improvement.
  • The Santa Clause was shot in Canada.
  • The Santa Clause has 2 sequels.
  • Scott Calvin is an executive at a toy company.
  • Tim Allen also worked with The Santa Clause director John Pasquin on “Jungle 2 Jungle,” a remake of a French movie.
  • Scott takes Charlie to Denny’s for Christmas dinner.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Santa fell off the roof.
  • Scott took Charlie to Denny’s for Christmas dinner.  (possible viggle mistake)
  • David Krumholtz, who plays Bernard in The Santa Clause, played a math genius on the TV show Numb3rs.
  • Judge Reinhold, who plays Neil, made his first TV appearance in a Wonder Woman episode.
  • Laura’s new husband Neil is a psychiatrist.
  • Bernard is the head elf.
  • The Santa Clause takes place in Chicago.
  • Wendy Crewson played the first lady in Air Force One.
  • Scott reads The Night Before Christmas to Charlie.
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