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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Viggle schedule for Sunday, December 15, 2013

Viggle schedule for Sunday - 12/15/2013

Today, Amazon has Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player for $29.99 with free shipping... Student Prime member get extra an $5.01 (total price $24.98) off at checkout with code 7CGHXJ2C.

Today is the last day for Viggler's Choice Quest... (The 10,000 point quest) 

Max points schedule:

More bonus and Viggle Live shows...


  1. Hey Amid...Better option would be to check in to Survivor for the full hour. Then do 10 Minutes of Revenge. Then check into the football game. Which would give you 2hr 20min of the game. Just a thought...Thanks again for everything!

  2. I can't get cook your ass off to pick up keeps saying oldest living confederate widow tells all!

  3. Hey anyone else have trouble checking into Cook Your A** Off??? it says to go to HLN and we are on HLN channel 204 on our direct TV but no matter how many times we try to check into the shoe it keeps coming up that we are in Oldest Confederate widow tells all which is on Ovation that is channel 274 and is not even a channel we get. I went ahead and checked into it but don't want to check out to see if it is giving me the X4 coz I know I wont be able to check back into it and get the X4 for the rest of it if it is giving us the X4. also note that this is happening on several different devices in our home so it isn't just 1 phone/tablet etc...


    Viggle on their twitter said to check into Cook Your A** Off manually (search for "cook"), and you'll get the bonus points later. I think they said you could also check into the Confederate Wives show it tries to audio match, but I can't find that tweet.

  5. I never get the bonus points like for today's cook your off show.why bother with this app anymore?

  6. Is My Guy working again? I'm checked into NFL football and it gives me the option but when I click on it I only get a connection error.

  7. Lisa - My Guy worked for me after force closing the app and re-logging in.
    Try that tonight and see if you can get it to work for MNF.