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Monday, December 16, 2013

Viggle schedule for Monday, December 16, 2013

Viggle schedule for Monday - 12/16/2013

Viggle has started rewarding points for "Neighborhood heroes streak". If you qualified for that streak, check your point balance to see if you received it. 

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Classic Christmas Movie Quest: Check into 5 of the 9 featured programs to get +500 Viggle bonus points. 

Maximum points schedule

More bonus shows for Viggle Live during prime time... 

The Santa Clause” movie - Most Common Viggle Live answers
  • The elite elves are known as E.L.F.S.
  • In “The Santa Clause,” the kids scream, “Let him go! Let Santa go,” a reference to the classic film Miracle on 34th Street.
  • After Scott put on the suit, he had until Thanksgiving before he has to return to the North Pole.
  • According to Bernard, Scott agreed to be Santa when he put on the suit.
  • Famous athlete Andre Agassi was listed near the top of Santa’ s list.
  • Tim Allen was not the producer’s first choice. The role was originally written for Bill Murray.
  • An elf named Judy knows how to make perfect hot chocolate.
  • Scotts diet eventually consists of milk and cookies.
  • Laura always wanted mystery date for Christmas.
  • Tim Allen is currently starring in the TV series Last Man Standing.
  • Neil always wanted an Oscar Mayer whistle for Christmas.
  • The first “The Santa Clause” movie was release in 1994.
  • “The Santa Clause” was one of Tim Allen’s first film roles- e’d previously starred in the TV show Home Improvement.
  • The Santa Clause was shot in Canada.
  • The Santa Clause has 2 sequels.
  • Scott Calvin is an executive at a toy company.
  • Tim Allen also worked with The Santa Clause director John Pasquin on “Jungle 2 Jungle,” a remake of a French movie.
  • Scott takes Charlie to Denny’s for Christmas dinner.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Santa fell off the roof.
  • Scott took Charlie to Denny’s for Christmas dinner.  (possible viggle mistake)
  • David Krumholtz, who plays Bernard in The Santa Clause, played a math genius on the TV show Numb3rs.
  • Judge Reinhold, who plays Neil, made his first TV appearance in a Wonder Woman episode.
  • Laura’s new husband Neil is a psychiatrist.
  • Bernard is the head elf.
  • The Santa Clause takes place in Chicago.
  • Wendy Crewson played the first lady in Air Force One.
  • Scott reads The Night Before Christmas to Charlie.


  1. Almost human is a 4x bonus and quest show.

  2. New Quest for 500 points - "Classic Christmas Movie Quest." The Santa Claus is one of the movies.

  3. I don't know if anyone always has the same times as the schedule or what the app says, but this is what I have for me on the west coast.

    3:30P-----ESPN------------MONDAY NIGHT COUNTDOWN-----3X
    5:25P-----ESPN------------RAVENS AT LIONS----------------------3X QUEST
    8:30P-----FOX--------------ALMOST HUMAN-------------------------4X QUEST
    8:50P-----ABCFAMILY---THE SANTA CLAUSE-------------------2X QUEST
    9:00P-----NBC--------------THE VOICE---------------------------------3X
    10:01P---NBC--------------THE SING OFF-----------------------------2X

    1. I'd change Almost Human to 8PM for my schedule though. I just realized that it is 4x versus the NFLs 3x.