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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Updated Viggle schedule for Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Updated Viggle schedule for Tuesday - 12/03/2013

Added "The Chase" in maximum points schedule for its sweepstakes... 

Maximum Points Schedule

More bonus shows. A few of them have Viggle Live bonuses. 

Most Profitable Viggle Live shows for the day:
8:00 pm - The Biggest Loser +150 points
9:30 pm - Mindy Project Viggle Live +275 points
10:00 pm - National Lampoon's Chrsitmas Vacation +300 points


  1. Well that update came a bit late lol and I didn't catch it since I was watching my granddaughter :-(

  2. I didn't get it until twenty minutes ago and of course the app is messing up now smh

  3. btw in the new update, at least on android, u can check into music... 25pts per song. I've checked into 27 songs so far... all in the span of 7-10 min.