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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Viggle schedule for Sunday, November 17, 2013

Viggle schedule for Sunday - 11/17/2013

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Viggle Schedule for Nov 17, 2013


  1. You don't have any answers for Incredibles?

  2. Viggle Live questions for The Incredibles:

    Which film did Brad Bird NOT direct? The Book of Kells
    Mr. Incredible's biggest fan is ___? Buddy Pine
    In which superhero movie does Samuel L. Jackson NOT appear? The Incredible Hulk
    Holly Hunter, the voice of Elastigirl, gave birth to twins at age? 47
    The cat Mr. Incredible saves from a tree is named ___? Squeaker
    Frozone's wife is named ___? Honey
    "The Incredibles" was nominated for Best Original Screenplay, but it won an Oscar for ___? Best Animated Feature
    Sarah Vowell, the voice of Violet, was discovered after producers heard her on ___? This American Life
    Elastigirl is voiced by ___? Holly Hunter
    Finish the quote: "You see Bob, a company is like a ___." Clock
    Mr. Incredible has to defeat the robot quickly because it ___? Learns
    Edna insists on "no ___" for the Incredibles' new costumes? Capes
    Director ___ provides the voice of Edna Mode? Brad Bird
    What was the password to access the main computer on the island? Kronos
    Jason Lee, who voices Buddy Pine, starred in ___? My Name Is Earl
    Holly Hunter appeared in the 1987 Coen brothers film ___? Raising Arizona
    Who has had a role in every Pixar movie to date, including "The Incredibles"? John Ratzenberger
    Dash is chased around the island by men in ___? Flying saucers
    Craig T. Nelson, who plays Mr. Incredible, played Hayden Fox on ___? Coach
    What's the name of the city Syndrome tries to destroy? Metroville
    Mr. Incredible is about to throw his car when he notices a kid on a ___ watching him? Tricycle
    Whose skeleton does Mr. Incredible hide behind in the cave? Gazerbeam
    Frozone is voiced by ___? Samuel L. Jackson
    Bob Parr works in ___? Insurance
    Wallace Shawn, who voices Mr. Huph, played Vizzini in ___? The Princess Bride
    Bob works for ___? Insuricare
    At the start of the movie, Bob is on his way to a ___? Wedding
    True or False: Edna Mode's character is based on a real costume designer? TRUE
    Who sues Mr. Incredible for saving his life? Mr. Sweetwater
    Mr. Incredible is summoned to ___? Nomanisan Island
    Which Pixar figure does NOT appear in "The Incredibles"? Pizza Planet Truck
    Elastigirl's civilian name is ___? Helen
    Actress Elizabeth Pena provides the voice of ___? Mirage
    Mr. Incredible catches super-villain ___ trying to rob a bank? Bomb Voyage
    After [being] rejected by society, Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible are put into the ___? Superhero Relocation Program
    Lou Romano provides the voice for Dash's teacher, named ___? Bernie
    Here's a tough one, Vigglers! Which was NOT one of the superheros mentioned in Edna's "No Capes" monologue? Gazerbeam

    1. Who sues Mr. Incredible for saving his life? Mr. Sweetwater
      this answer is incorrect. it is Mr Sansweet.

  3. Also at 8:20 pm on NBC Chiefs at Broncos for extra 50 points