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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Viggle schedule for Saturday, November 23, 2013

Viggle schedule for Saturday - 11/23/2013

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Below shows in Table 1 are for earning maximum points in the day from live airing shows with minimum check in's

Table 2 contains shows that you might additionally check in, record for later check in (if it works :-( ) or play viggle live on for more bonus points. 

Most Common Viggle Live answers for “Up” movie tonight
  • Up was released in 2009.
  • Up is a Pixar Film. Toy Story beloved movie was their first featured film.
  • Before Christopher Plummer voiced Charles Muntz, he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Beginners.
  • Up is the first Pixar film to be shown in 3D.
  • Carl is voiced by Ed Asner, who played the gruff, loveable, Lou Grant on the 1970’s sitcom Mary Tyler Moore.
  • Up was the 2nd animation film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The first was Beauty and The Beast.
  • Spirit of Adventure is the name of Muntz’s dirigible.
  • Ellie fastens a bottle cap from a grape soda to Carl’s lapel with a safety pin.
  • Carl’s cane has four tennis balls on the bottom.
  • Sushi Pronto is the restaurant across the street from Carl’s house (before it takes off).
  • Helping the Elderly is the badge Russell is missing from his sash.
  • Russell finds a giant bird in the jungle and names it Kevin.
  • Kevin likes to eat chocolate.
  • The balloons are tied inside the house in the fireplace.
  • A desk lamp is the trademark figure in Pixar Animation Studio’s corporate logo.
  • The thought of a Squirrel! makes the dogs freeze.
  • Venezuela is the country on the plane tickets that Carl buys for Ellie.
  • As a young couple, Carl and Ellie worked at a zoo.
  • Carl sold balloons when he worked at the zoo.


  1. Are you going to give answers for viggle live questions for movies anymore?

  2. Thank you for your hardwork... This schedule is really helping a lot of vigglers like me. I appreciate all that you do��

  3. I hate what they've done to the chats for viggle live. I don't bother to play because I don't really watch TV, I just check in to shows to get the points so I never know the answers.

  4. Not getting the Gillette ad to check-in. Making sure that I only do the last 15 seconds.

    1. Try playing the commercial all the way through and make sure you're using the right commercial. I got it using the Clay Mathews Conditions commercial and I actually had to play it a couple times all the way through for viggle to recognize it and give me the points.

  5. i just wish we did not have to use the auto verification to get the bonus

  6. Here's a tip... I have Time Warner Cable and they have a "Start Over" option that can start your TV show over. So if the show has one minute left just select the "Start Over" option and you'll get the full minutes, not just the last one. (Follow me on Viggle, I'll follow you. Toz428@hotmail)

    1. how you follow people from twitter? or through email

    2. Followed you toz... Thanks��

  7. Viggle Live questions for 27 Dresses:

    Katherine Heigi famously appeared on ___? Grey's Anatomy
    One of James Marsden's earliest TV roles was on ___? The Nanny
    Peyton List, who plays young Jane, currently stars on ___? Jessie
    Edward Burns, who plays George, is also a ___? Director
    James Marsden played a Disney prince in ___? Enchanted
    Krysten Ritten will appear in the upcoming ___ movie? Veronica Mars
    Earlier in the movie, Jane left her ___ in a cab? Day Planner
    Kristen Ritter played ___ on "Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23"? Chloe
    Tess falls in love Jane's ___? Boss
    Tess hired Pedro to clean George's ___? Apartment
    Jane has 27 ___ at her own wedding? Bridesmaids
    Director Anne Fletcher also directed ___? The Proposal
    Katherine Heigi is married to ___ Josh Kelley? Singer
    Screenwriter Aline Bros McKenna also worked on ___? The Devil Wears Prada
    James Marsden used to model for ___? Versace
    Malin Ackerman was born in ___? Sweden
    Malin Ackerman currently stars on ___? Trophy Wife
    Kevin works as a ___? Reporter
    Edward Burns, who plays George, starred in ___? Saving Private Ryan
    Edward Burns, who plays George, also starred in ___? The Holiday
    Finish the famous saying: "Always a bridesmaid, never a ___"? Bride
    Judy Greer, who plays Casey, had a recurring role on ___? Arrested Development
    Katherine Heigl was a series regular on the sci-fi show ___? Roswell
    Maulik Pancholy, who plays Trent, had a recurring role on ___? Weeds
    Judy Greer starred in ___ alongside Jennifer Garner? 13 Going on 30
    Melora Hardin, who plays Maureen, is known for her role on ___? The Office
    James Marsden starred in the movie adaptation of ___? Hairspray
    Krysten Ritter had a recurring role on ___? Breaking Bad

  8. Unadvertised Viggle Live for Remember The Titans at 8:00pm on AMC...

    Viggle Live questions for Remember the Titans:

    Jerry Bruckheimer produced "Remember the Titans." He's also the mastermind producer responsible for ___? CSI
    Director Boaz Yakin also helmed ___ with Brittany Murphy in 2003? Uptown Girls
    Denzel Washington is the ___ African-American actor to receive 2 Academy Awards? 1st
    Hayden Panettiere, who plays Sheryl Yoast, currently appears opposite ___ on "Nashville"? Connie Britton
    Which movie was NOT also produced by "Remember the Titans" producer Jerry Bruckheimer? Manhattan Murder Mystery
    The movie is set in ___? Virginia
    The soundtrack features the song "Fire and Rain" as performed by ___? James Taylor
    The film's producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, is also responsible for the ___ franchise? Pirates of the Caribbean
    Denzel Washington directed the 2002 movie ___? Antwone Fisher
    When did "Remember the Titans" come out ___? 2000
    The soundtrack features the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" performed by ___ and Tammi Tarrell? Marvin Gaye
    Kate Bosworth, who plays Emma Hoyt, played Lois Lane in ___? Superman Returns
    The actual name of the opponent in the championship game was ___? Andrew Lewis High School
    In real life, Herman Boone graduated from ___? North Carolina Central University
    Denzel Washington appeared opposite Whitney Houston in ___? The Preacher's Wife
    In preparation for "Remember the Titans," director Boaz Yakin ___? Attended football camp
    Ryan Gosling, who plays Alan Bosley, appeared opposite Emma Stone in ___? Crazy, Stupid, Love
    Denzel Washington attended Fordham University, where he received a degree in ___? Journalism
    Which character is based on a real person ___? Herman Boone
    In real life, Bill Yoast has ___ daughters, not just 1? 4
    Donald Faison, who plays Petey, played Murray in the movie and TV spinoff of ___? Clueless
    In 1966, Herman Boone's football team was recognized by ___ Magazine as "The Number One Football Team in America"? Scholastic Coach
    The school used for TC Williams is actually Druid Hills High School, which is located in ___? Georgia
    For his role in "Remember the Titans," Denzel Washington won a ___ Award? BET
    Kate Bosworth, who plays Emma Hoyt, appeared opposite Michelle Rodriguez in ___? Blue Crush
    True or False: Kip Pardue, who plays Ronnie, played college football? TRUE
    Denzel Washington is a spokesperson for ___? The Boys and Girls Club of America
    In real life, Herman Boone has ___ daughters? 3
    Coach Boone works at ___? TC Williams High School

  9. Viggle Live questions for "The 40 Year Old Virgin":

    Elizabeth Banks played Beth. Banks portrays ___ in the "Hunger Games" films? Effie Trinket
    Paula promoted Andy to ___? Floor Manager
    In 2011, Seth Rogen attained superhero status when he played Cal Rogen in ___? The Green Hornet
    Who ended up with the new stock employee, Bernadette? David
    Andy wanted to open his own ___ store? Stereo
    Which "The 40 Year Old Virgin" cast member did not appear in "The Office"? Mindy Kaling (This answer is incorrect)
    Trish's teenage daugter is named ___? Marla
    Andy sold his ___ in order to save up for his own store? Collectibles
    Who did Steve Carell play on "The Office"? Michael Scott
    Which "The 40 Year Old Virgin" cast member starred in "The Guilt Trip" opposite Barbra Streisand? Seth Rogen
    Josh Hill made an appearance as an eBay store customer. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in ___? Moneyball
    Before he was David, Paul Rudd played Mike Hannigan, eventual husband to ___ on "Friends"? Phoebe
    Mindy Kailing plays David's ex, Amy. One of Kailing's most memorable roles was ___ on "The Office"? Kelly Kapoor
    Steve Carell played Evan Baxter in "Even Almighty." Who played Bruce in "Bruce Almighty"? Jim Carrey
    Where does "T40YOV" take place? Los Angeles
    What mode of transportation did Andy use to get around? Bike
    Before Catherine Keener played Trish, she appeared as Maxine in Being ___? John Malkovich
    Paul Rudd plays David in the movie. Last year, he starred in ___? This is 40
    Andy works at a company called ___? Smart Tech
    What musician's concert/DVD does Paula play at the store constantly ___? Michael McDonald
    What game did Andy's co-workers invite him to play with them? Poker
    Before Jane Lynch played Paula, she won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of ___ on "Glee"? Sue Sylvester
    Andy and his co-workers hung out with a ___ at the club? Bachelorette Party
    What was Trish looking to buy when she first went to Smart Tech? A VCR
    What was the name of Trish's store? We Sell Your Stuff on eBay
    What singer's name did Andy scream out during his chest wax? Kelly Clarkson
    Who did Andy pretend to be when he got too nervous to talk to Trish on the phone ___? A telemarketer
    Earlier in the movie, Andy's co-workers asked him to lunch and then took him ___? Speed dating
    David ran into his ___ when the guys went speed dating? Ex
    Beth, the freaky gal who had the hots for Andy, worked at a ___? Bookstore
    When Andy went to visit Trish at her store, a customer played by Josh Hill, attempted to buy sparkly ___? Shoes
    Trish had ___ kids? 3
    Trish and Andy decided to wait ___ dates until they were going to get intimate? 20

  10. A few gift cards posted at random today. I was able to nab a Chili's one.
    They've up'd the point redemption amount for $25. It used to be 50,000 now it's
    up to 75,000 points. Seems a lil unfair to me to have a 50% jump for the same gift card value. Also, it seems to me that we're definitely makin a lot less points per day vs the older version.

  11. Yes, we are making less points because we can't get most if any of recorded shows (or at least I can't). Also, is the limit still 720 watched points per
    day? I can't see how many points I've accumulated per day anymore.

  12. Sunday Schedule? Please don't say you're going to stop posting them!