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Friday, October 4, 2013

Viggle schedule for Friday, October 04, 2013

Viggle schedule for Friday - 10/4/2013

"The Quick and the Dead" is listed worth +200 Viggle bonus points for DirecTV subscribers, but the channel and time for that movie is not mentioned on What's On section. 

Most Common Viggle Live answers for “The Breakfast Club” movie tonight
  • The gang attends Shermer High.
  • Molly Ringwald did NOT appear in John Hughes’ film Home Alone.
  • Andy was on the wrestling team.
  • The Breakfast Clubopens with a quote from David Bowie
  • Judd Nelson famously played Bender in the movie.  In the 1990’s, he was a regular on Suddenly Susan, which starred Brooke Shields.
  • Brian is failing shop.
  • After Emilio Estevez played Andy, he was Coach Gordon Bombay in the movie The Mighty Ducks.
  • Andy’s father dropped him off at school.
  • The Breakfast Club came out in 1985.
  • Allison did nothing to get detention.
  • Carl said he was (they were) the eyes and ears of the institution.
  • The actors in The Breakfast Club were nicknamed the Brat pack.
  • Allison bites their nails very, very loudly.
  • Earlier in the movie, Claire helped Allison put on makeup.
  • Allison stole Brian’s wallet.
  • Emilio Estevez played Andy in The Breakfast Club.  His famous brother is Charlie Sheen.
  • Earlier in the movie, Allison said she would write with her toes.
  • The Mr. Vernon quote was, “Don’t mess with the bull, young man. You’ll get the horns.”
  • After Paul Gleason played Principal Vernon, he co-starred with Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
  • Claire got detention because she ditched class to go shopping.
  • Carl told Principal Vernon he wanted to be John Lennon when he grew up.
  • Earlier in the movie, Claire asked Andy if he would drive to school in his birthday suit for a million bucks.
  • Before Molly Ringwald played Claire, she appeared on The Facts Of Life.
  • Claire brought sushi for lunch.
  • After Ally Sheedy played Allison, she starred in a film about a smart robot called Short Circuit.
  • Sporto is the nickname that Bender frequently called Andy.
  • After Anthony Michael Hall played Brian, he became the youngest-ever cast member on Saturday Night Live.
  • Earlier in the movie, Brian said he belonged to the Physics club.
  • Earlier in the movie, Mr. Vernon told the kids to create a(n) essay during detention.
  • John Hughes defined the ’80s.  In addition to directing The Breakfast Club, he also created Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
  • Brian ended up writing the essay for The Breakfast Club.
  • John Hughes wrote The Breakfast Club.  He also wrote a movie about a dog named after a classical musician called Beethoven.

Most Common Viggle Live answers for “Wedding Crashers” movie tonight
  • While staying at the Cleary vacation house, Jeremy and John claim that they run a company called Holy Shirts and Pants.
  • Jeremy and John are professional divorce mediators.
  • William Clearly is the United States Secretary of the Treasury.
  • WC first hit theatres in 2005.
  • Bradley Cooper recently earned an Oscar nomination for his role in Silver Linings Playbook.
  • Complete the quote: "Crab cakes and Football, that's what Maryland does!
  • Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson recently reunited to star in The Internship.
  • Who is responsible for creating the WC rules? Chazz Reinhold.
  • According to Jeremy, Rule No 76 of WC is no excuses, play like a champion.
  • Jeremy claims that he knows everything there is to know about maple syrup.
  • Who is a well-known funeral crasher? Chazz Reinhold.
  • During the first dinner at the Clearys vacation home, John spikes Sack's drink with eye drops.
  • Claire works as a environmental activist.
  • Who admits to having an imaginary friend named Shiloh? Jeremy.
  • WC takes place in Washington DC.
  • Chazz Reinhold is constantly screaming for his mom to bring him meatloaf.
  • According to Jeremy, Gloria is a stage 5 clinger.
  • Who accidentally gets shot during a quail hunt? Jeremy
  • Who becomes the target of sexual advances by Claire's mom? John
  • Vince Vaughn once portrayed a middle-aged frat boy in the classic comedy Old School.
  • In real life, Isla Fisher is married to Sacha Baron Cohen.
  • Claire and Gloria have a younger brother named Todd.
  • Which hilarious actor makes a WC cameo as Chazz Reinhold? Will Ferrell
  • Politician John McCain makes a cameo at the Cleary wedding.
  • Which WC actor recently had a major role in The Great Gatsby? Isla Fisher
  • According to founder Chazz Reinhold, what is nature's most powerful aphrodisiac? grief
  • Which member of the Cleary family is known for painting some very strange portraits? Todd
  • Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams reunited to play a couple in the 2011 film Midnight in Paris.
  • Before WC, Rachel McAdams starred alongside Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.

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  1. DirecTv subscriber bonus tonight of 200 for The Quick and the Dead on Sony channel.