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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Viggle schedule for Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Viggle schedule for Tuesday - 9/24/2013

Fall TV Finds Quest: This will go on for 5 weeks (Tuesday's to Monday's) from 9/23 to 10/28. By checking into a show, you will get an entry into the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card every week, and a grand prize of +5,000,000 Viggle points. 
You must answer at least one Viggle Live Question during the live airing every week to earn +2,000 Viggle bonus points.


  1. Missing "The Voice"

  2. It's there with suggested check in time of 9:20 pm (it's a 2 hour show). We have 6 shows at 8 pm tonight so had to push the longer show to a later time slot.

  3. Hi: can you please tell me the maximum number of points you can earn in one day for checking into shows, counting both watching and bonus points? Thanks.

    1. You cannot earn any points over the 12 hours of checking Ito shows daily. So that makes up for 720 points per minute.
      Including those points, plus the bonus points Viggle allows a maximum of 6,000 points daily.

    2. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help. Still learning.....with your help.

  4. Hey man you got got about the TV Commercial - Best Buy - Blue Shirt Beta Test - Verizon HTC One for +200 points check youtube for the commerial