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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Viggle schedule for Saturday, September 14, 2013

Viggle schedule for Saturday - 9/14/2013

A lot of MyGuy and Viggle Live opportunities today. Find Viggle Live answers to 3 movie shows below the schedule.

DirecTV subscribers have a tremendous earning shows for the day. Easy day to earn 6,000 points. 

Most Commonly seen Viggle Live answers for "The Little Rascals" movie tonight: 
  • Waldo has a pet dog named Fifi
  • Butch's sidekick is named Woim
  • Right before the big race, Alfalfa and Spanky decide to team up to drive the club's go-cart.  
  • The club punishes Alfalfa for his crush on Daria by making him Guard the go-cart
  • How much money did "The Little Rascals" need to rebuild their clubhouse? $450
  • Which "Little Rascal" is the president of the "He-Man Women Haters Club?" Spanky
  • Spanky's club owns a new go-cart called The Blur
  • Which member of Spanky's gang was first selected to drive the club's go-cart? Alfalfa
  • The neighborhood bully is named Butch
  • Alfalfa's best friend is Spanky
  • The club members freak out when they catch Alfalfa hanging out with Darla.  
  • Who plays Buckwheat's mother? Whoopi Goldberg
  • "The Little Rascals" is an adaptation of a series of Short films entitled "Our Gang."  
  • "The Little Rascals" features a cameo by real-life businessman Donald Trump
  • The club's schoolteacher is named Miss Crabtree
  • Darla starts to pursue Waldo when Alfalfa ignores her.  
  • Besides starring as Waldo in "The Little Rascals," Blake Ewing is best known for playing Michelle's friend on Full House
  • Which character serves as the "club typographer?" Uh-Huh
  • Porky's best friend is Buckwheat
  • Who serves as the vice-president of the "He-Man Women Haters Club?" Stymie
  • Who is NOT a member of Spanky's club? Butch
  • "The Little Rascals" first hit theatres in 1994
  • Who dates Darla? Alfalfa
  • "The Little Rascals" features a cameo appearance by The Olsen Twins
  • Which two "Little Rascals" accidentally came up with the money to repair the clubhouse? Porky & Buckwheat
  • Which "Little Rascals" actor would eventually land a starring role in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?" Ross Bagley
  • According to "The Little Rascals," who is "the best driver there is?" AJ Ferguson
  • During the climatic big race, Darla and Waldo get to drive a go-cart.  
  • Daryl Hannah starred alongside Charlie Sheen in the 1987 movie Wall Street
  • Who tries to win Darla's affection by serenading her? Alfalfa

Most Commonly seen Viggle Live answers for "The Bourne Identity" movie tonight: 
  • The 1988 mini-series adaptation of The Bourne Identity starred Richard Chamberlain
  • The Bourne Identity was directed by Doug Liman
  • Who was originally offered the role of Jason Bourne? Brad Pitt
  • The film won 0 Academy Awards.  
  • The Bourne Identity originally began as a Novel
  • At the beginning of the film, Bourne is rescued by a group of Fishermen
  • The Bourne Identity has no Opening Credits
  • Bourne’s signature duffle bag is Red
  • Clive Owen appears as The professor in the film.  
  • Franka Potente, who plays Marie, starred in the foreign thriller Run Lola Run
  • The alias of Jason Bourne was created for Operation Treadstone
  • After leaving the U.S. Consulate, Bourne meets Marie
  • At the beginning of the film, Bourne has been shot 2 times.
  • Giancarlo finds a Laser Pointer hidden beneath Bourne’s skin.  
  • In Zurich, Bourne takes down two officers after they catch him sleeping in a Park
  • Chris Cooper plays Alexander Conklin
  • Treadstone ops all suffer from Headaches
  • Which public figure survives a failed assassination attempt? Nykwana Wombosi
  • What is the name of the bank that Jason Bourne visits in Zurich? Gemeinschaft
  • Bourne offers Marie $20,000 to drive him to Paris.  
  • On the road, Bourne reveals to Marie that he suffers from Amnesia
  • John Michael Kane is Another alias of Bourne’s
  • Before his alleged death, John Michael Kane was staying at The Hotel Regina
  • While meeting with Conklin, it is revealed that Bourne couldn’t kill Wombosi because his Children were present.  
  • Ultimately, Bourne defeats three assassins: Castel, The Professor and Manheim
  • At the end of the film, Bourne reunites with Marie in Greece
  • In Paris, Marie and Bourne fo visit the alleged John Michael Kane in the Morgue
  • Who successfully kills Wombosi? The Professor
  • Bourne discovers that, prior to his amnesia, he used to be a Assassin
  • While in Gemeinschaft, Bourne rediscovers his name by looking at a Passport
  • Eamon is Marie’s Stepbrother
  • Who ambushes Bourne and Marie in the Paris apartment? Castel
  • Bourne fends off Castel with a Ballpoint pen
  • Who cuts Marie's hair? Jason
  • At Eamon's, Bourne shoots a Propane tank to distract The Professor.  
  • Bourne calls Conklin with The Professor's cell phone.  
  • In the last scene of the film, Bourne's red duffle bag reappears as a Flower planter
Most Commonly seen Viggle Live answers for "The National Treasure" movie tonight: 
  • National Treasure actor Nicholas Cage earned an Academy Award for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas
  • What is Benjamin Gate's middle name? Franklin
  • Which National Treasure actor had a starring role in 'The Hangover'? Justin Bartha
  • Benjamin Gates' sidekick is named Riley Poole
  • Which National Treasure star had a starring role in Inglorious Bastards? Diane Kruger
  • Sean Bean also appeared in The Lord of the Rings. Who did he play? Boromir
  • Every member of the Gates family is named after one of the Founding Fathers
  • National Treasure producer Jerry Bruckheimer was also the mastermind behind the CSI TV series.
  • When was National Treasure originally released? 2004
  • National Treasure was directed by Jon Turteltaub, who also directed Cool Runnings, and movie about a Jamaican Bobsled team
  • National Treasure star Harvey Keitel once played a bank robber in Reservoir Dogs
  • Ben Gates officially works as a Historian
  • According to an early clue, the secret lies with Charlotte
  • Nicholas Cage is related to famous film director Francis Ford Coppola
  • The National Treasure series consists of 2 films. 
  • The sequel to National Treasure focuses on the President's mythical Book of Secrets
  • In addition to being Ben Gates' assistant, Riley Poole is a Computer expert.  
  • At the start of the movie, Ben Gates went on an expedition to The Arctic Circle
  • According to Ben Gates, the Declaration of Independence is actually a Treasure Map.
  • Dr. Abigail Chase works at the National Archives
  • In Game of Thrones, Sean Bean played Ned Stark
  • Which of the following cities is NOT featured in National Treasure? Los Angeles
  • Ben Gates is looking for a set of documents called the Silence Dogood Letters.  
  • Jon Voight is the biological father of actress Angelina Jolie
  • Despite her perfect American accent, Diane Kruger was born in Germany
  • Which iconic American icon is NOT featured in National Treasure? Gettysburg Address
  • National Treasure star Justin Bartha currently stars in the hit NBC series The New Normal
  • Which National Treasure star has played a villain in a James Bond movie? Sean Bean
  • Which National Treasure actor owns an island in real life? Nicolas Cage
  • According to National Treasure, the Freemasons are descended from an order of warriors known as Knights Templar
  • The Gates family has been chasing the elusive freemasons since 1832
  • According to National Treasure, the Freemasons' treasure has existed since the times of the Ancient Egyptians

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