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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Viggle schedule for Thursday, August 29, 2013

Viggle schedule for Thursday - 8/29/2013

DirecTV subscribers: Order and check into "The Great Gatsby" on DirecTV Cinema Movie Night between 8 pm and 2 am tonight to earn +3,000 (3x 1,000) DirecTV bonus points.

Don't miss out on the +2,000 points Viggle Live along with "Airplane Repo" at 10 pm tonight. 


  1. When do you think My Guy will start?

  2. Hey, I just contacted Viggle via Twitter to confirm, no bonus points for the North Carolina vs. South Carolina football game this evening. It's just a promoted show. Just a heads up!

    1. Oops... My Bad... thanks for the info though...

  3. All questions are worth +100 Viggle points each. Viggle Live answers for “Airplane Repo”, 29 Aug 2013:
    • Ken is the President and Co-owner of International Recovery Group
    • True or False: Last week all 3 teams successfully nabbed their airplanes: True
    • Kevin Lives in Texas.
    • Whose nickname is “The Sly Fox?” Kevin
    • In the last episode, Kevin posed as a pilot looking for a job.
    • Mike is a certified charter pilot.
    • Kevin has NEVER been a Professional gymnast.
    • The show follows 3 teams of repossession experts.
    • Whose nickname is “The Lone Wolf?” Mike
    • True or False: Kevin only repossesses planes domestically: False
    • Whose nickname is “The Pit Bull?” Danny
    • The repo teams are tracking down aircraft for Banks.
    • Which one of the repo man is also a champion body builder? Danny
    • Ken lives in which city? Philadelphia
    • Before pilots can fly off with their repossessed plane, they must first check the aircraft for Air-worthiness.
    • Before he was a repo man, Kevin was a Mechanic.
    • True or False: Kevin has been jailed for his work as a repo man. True.
    • In this episode, Danny and Ken have been after a Citation V.
    • Throughout the episode Mike has been tracking a plane in the Teron Range

  4. Thanks so much! Appreciate the help :-)