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Watch videos on Viggle TV and earn up to 5 perk points per video.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Viggle schedule for Saturday, July 20, 2013

Viggle schedule for Saturday - 7/20/2013

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Bloodsuckers  (Q) uest: Check into 3 of the 4 featured programs with a   (Q)  from 7/16 to 7/22 to get +200 Viggle bonus points.
Rent Pawn Shop Chronicles movie on demand and check in to receive +200 Viggle bonus pointsTrick: Play trailer on Youtube ( on YouTube and check in for the bonus points. 

For DirecTV customers:
  • You have to link your Viggle account to DirecTV to get the bonus points. 
Check in to the below listed shows on Viggle at the mentioned times for at least 10 minute on each show  to earn the bonus points for it. Please confirm the show timings on your local listings as some shows might air at different times depending on your location, timezone and service provider.
All show timings are standardized as per EST. 
         Show timeDuration (hours)
Check inMLL Lacrosse: Lizards at HoundsonESPN2at4:00 PMfor50points4:00 PM2
Check inBatman Begins (Viggle Live)onSpike TVat5:00 PMforViggle Livepoints4:57 PM3
Check inPretty Woman (Viggle Live)onABC Familyat5:30 PMforViggle Livepoints5:30 PM2.5
Check inBourne Supremacy (Viggle Live)onStarzat7:05 PMforViggle Livepoints7:05 PM2
Check inZero Hour (Viggle Live)onABCat8:00 PMfor50points8:00 PM1
Check inCedar Cove (DirecTV)onHallmarkat8:15 PMfor200points8:00 PM1:45
Check inSweet Home Alabama (Viggle Live)onOxygenat8:30 PMforViggle Livepoints8:00 PM2.5
Check inThe Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (Viggle Live)onSpike TVat8:45 PMforViggle Livepoints8:00 PM2.5
Check inCelebrity Ghost StoriesonBiographyat9:00 PMfor50points9:00 PM1
Check inTransformers (Viggle Live)onFXat9:30 PMforViggle Livepoints8:00 PM3
Check inDo No HarmonNBCat10:00 PMfor50points10:00 PM1
  Regular pointsTotal->200  1 pt / min->420
  DirecTV subscribersTotal->400  1 pt / min->420

You will earn a total of 200 bonus points (400 for DirecTV subscribers), plus an extra 420 points at the rate of 1 point per minute for just being checked into bonus shows today. You will earn additional points for the ads that you see over the day, for checking into other shows, watching ads, viggle bonuses from quests, streaks and playing Viggle live.

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