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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Viggle check in schedule Thursday – 7/5/2012

Viggle schedule for Thursday - 7/5/2012

Check in to Viggle on the below listed shows at the mentioned times for at least 11 minute on each show  to earn the bonus points for it.
Please ensure the show timings on your local listings as some shows might air at different times depending on your location, timezone and service provider.
All show timings are standardized as per EST
Show time Duration (hours)
Check in Take Me Out on FOX  at 8:00 PM  for 250  points. 8:00 PM 1
Check in Breaking Pointe on The CW  at 8:30 PM  for 100  points. 8:00 PM 1
Check in L.A. Hair on WE Tv  at 9:00 PM  for 200  points. 9:00 PM 1
Check in Wipeout on ABC  at 9:30 PM  for 100  points. 9:00 PM 1
Check in Final Offer on Discovery  at 10:00 PM  for 150  points. 10:00 PM 1
Check in Kathy on Bravo  at 10:15 PM  for 100  points. 10:00 PM 1
Check in Louie on FX  at 10:30 PM  for 100  points. 10:30 PM 0.5
Total --> 1,000  1 pt / min-> 180

You will earn a total of 1,000 bonus points, plus an extra 180 points at the rate of 1 point per minute for just being checked into bonus shows today. You will earn additional points for the ads that you see over the day, for checking into other shows and for social shares on twitter.
So that should make up to the maximum daily limit of 6,000 points.
You can also earn extra 200 points per referral, which can be earned over the daily 6,000 limit, by inviting friends. The points are rewarded  when your referred friends complete their first check in.

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