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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why is Wetpaint acting weird today?

Response from Viggle:

"Our Finance team is working on changes to how points are awarded for Wetpaint videos. This is likely what you are seeing. The change to only give points for a video once is temporary.

This is because customers are linking to very old videos that are not even published on the site any longer. It is causing problems for our publishing tool and downstream systems. It is unfortunate that fraud is rampant enough to ruin opportunities for the rest of our customer base.



  1. FRAUD?!? I don't think anyone ever knew it was against the rules to link to older Wetpaint videos. Most "blog" like content on the internet doesn't actually expire, especially those with permalinks. Wow. If they don't want people watching them, why don't they just set the point value of those vids to ZERO? Or just unpublish them and delete the pages? Simple.

    1. Totally agree. Casting aspersions on loyal vigglers. How rude!

    2. It's beyond rude. It's legally defamatory.

  2. I totally agree too. Why have them on there still?

  3. I HOPE it's only temporary!

  4. No one mentioned anywhere that the age of clips is a factor in determining their Reward worthiness. I find this kind of wrecked disregard for the rules and fair play very disconcerting. They change rules at Viggle very capriciously. Not fair.