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Watch videos on Viggle TV and earn up to 5 perk points per video.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Viggle schedule for Monday, December 09, 2013

Viggle schedule for Monday - 12/09/2013

Maximum points schedule:

More shows for playing Viggle Live today. You can also record the below mentioned shows and check into them later for below mentioned bonus points. 


  1. The Voice shows as having the Viggler's Choice Quest on it.

  2. Doc mcstuffins 2x plus lil viggle live 3pm Pacific on Disney jr

  3. When will you update tips and tricks? Also it is depressing to not see hardly any gift cards in rewards or anything else worth redeeming. I managed to get one Starbucks last Friday & was only able to get one.
    My question is: why keep playing? Is it just for some ad people?

    200 points for this commercial

  5. Last night I checked into Bonnie & Clyde when it reran at 11pm EST and got the double points. The only odd part was when I tried to play Viggle Live, it told me I'd already answered and got points for the questions (not true).

    1. Viggle live only awards points for questions during original airing. Not when its ran later.

    2. not true. Works on iOS for the later showings. Dont know if thats a glitch or what.